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27 professional voicemail greeting examples you can use to record
10 minute read | April 29, 2024 | Posted byNikhil Venkatesa

What to include in a business voicemail greeting
27 professional voicemail greeting examples
Why your business needs professional voicemail greetings
How to record a voicemail greeting for your business phone number (with
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Want some sample professional voicemail greetings? Below are 27 pre-recorded business voicemail greeting examples to get you started. You’ll find voicemail examples for your specific business scenarios, industry types, and for when your team takes time off. .

You’ll get access to .mp3 files for each voicemail greeting example. If you prefer not to record yourself speaking, we’ll also show you how you can download a custom voicemail greeting.

What to include in a business voicemail greeting
A professional voicemail greeting should have:

A greeting
Your name
Your company’s name
A short reason for missing the call (e.g. the caller reached you outside your business hours)
A basic timeframe for when they can expect to hear back from you
An alternate way to contact you or another team member if it’s urgent
If you still need specific ideas for your voicemail greeting, check out the examples below.

27 professional voicemail greeting examples
Here’s our exhaustive list of professional voicemail greetings for you to choose from. We cover standard voicemails to get you started, specific business voicemails for customer support and sales teams, industry-specific voicemails tailored to your niche (e.g. legal practices, fitness studio, real estate firms, and more), and holiday voicemails you can use if your team has an annual end-of-year shutdown.

Listen to each voicemail script with our downloadable mp3s to get an idea of what each example might sound like in action.

Create custom voicemail greetings in seconds
Screenshot of’s voicemail generator’s business voicemail greeting generator helps you get high-quality professional voicemail recordings in seconds, for free. Create as many voicemails as you need, and you don’t need to create an account.

Standard voicemail greeting examples
Here are the most common voicemail greetings you’ll need. Whether your customers want to schedule a callback or need urgent assistance over an email, these voicemails will let them know what you need to best help them.

1. Basic voicemail greeting example
2. Schedule callback voicemail greeting example
3. Text follow-up voicemail greeting
4. Email follow-up voicemail greeting
Specific business voicemail greeting samples
When you have multiple phone numbers for different teams or you won’t be available because of an industry conference, you should record custom voicemail scripts to keep customers informed. Here are specific business voicemail greeting templates for the most important scenarios:

5. Customer service voicemail message
6. Sales voicemail greeting example
7. New product launch voicemail greeting example
8. Business hours voicemail message
9. Vacation voicemail script
10. Conference voicemail greeting example
11. Resignation voicemail greeting example
Industry-specific voicemail greeting examples
Stand out to your customers with a voicemail greeting tailored to your service. Here are industry-specific voicemail greetings for legal firms, cleaning services, salons, fitness centers, real estate firms, schools, and professional services companies:

12. Legal practice voicemail greeting example
13. Cleaning service voicemail greeting example
14. Salon voicemail greeting example
15. Fitness studio voicemail greeting example
16. Real estate firm voicemail greeting example
Pro Tip
💡 Check out our guide to realtor voicemail scripts for more examples.

17. School administration voicemail greeting example
18. Professional services voicemail greeting example
Holiday voicemail greeting examples
Holiday hours can be tricky for your customers to navigate, but with your voicemail greetings, they don’t have to be. Whether you’re away during a long weekend or celebrating the holidays at the end of the year, here are voicemail greeting samples that let customers know when they can reach you:

19. Company shutdown voicemail greeting
20. Long weekend voicemail greeting
21. Team offsite voicemail greeting
22. One-day holiday voicemail greeting
23. Detailed holiday voicemail greeting
Emergency voicemail greeting examples
If your business is facing an emergency, whether it’s a personal one or company-wide, a voicemail greeting can give customers appropriate context and let them know when you plan to get back to them. Here are four emergency voicemail greeting examples for you to choose from:

24. Personal emergency voicemail greeting
25. Natural disaster voicemail greeting
26. Technical emergency voicemail greeting
27. High call volume voicemail greeting
Why your business needs professional voicemail greetings
Voicemail greetings remain an important touchpoint for your customer experience. Here’s why they matter:

Make a good first impression: Voicemail greetings can be a prospective customer’s first interaction with your business. With a professional greeting, you can give them a positive impression with a personal touch and show them you pay attention to every detail of your operations.
Address customer needs faster: With a good voicemail greeting, you can route customers to the right point of contact on your team or direct them to self-serve resources like your help center if you’re unavailable to take their call. Customers won’t have to wait for you and can get their needs addressed quickly.
Provide context in emergencies: In an emergency, voicemail greetings provide necessary information to your customers so they know you’re currently dealing with an urgent situation
Makes your small business appear more professional: . When you share a detailed voicemail message with a clear call to action, you can give customers the confidence they need to do business with you after you get back to them.
How to record a voicemail greeting for your business phone number (with
Once you’ve chosen a voicemail script from our list of examples, you’re ready to record your greeting. Your voicemail recording process depends on which business phone number provider you use.

With, you can record a voicemail message in seconds, so we’ll be using it to show you how to record your own voicemail greeting.

How to set up your business voicemail greeting in
Record a voicemail greeting in’s web or desktop app
Record a voicemail greeting in’s mobile app
Note: The Text to speech feature is only available on’s web and desktop apps.

Voicemail greetings are one of the dozens of business phone features available on We’re a modern business phone platform designed for small businesses and startups. Get access to essential business phone features like shared numbers, auto-replies, AI call summaries, CRM integrations, and more.

Want to learn more about what else is possible with

Add business hours and an away voicemail greeting
Set up SMS auto-replies
Create snippets (or text message templates)
Record phone calls
Send voicemail transcripts to your email
Get started for free with our seven-day free trial today.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
What is a good voicemail greeting for businesses?
What is the standard voicemail greeting for a business?
Why have a custom voicemail greeting?
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