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Best SMS Gateway

Best SMS Gateway Providers

List of the Best SMS Gateways to Use in 2023: Detailed Comparison of Top SMS APIs

Are you thinking about introducing SMS notification functionality in your eCommerce business? If yes, you might consider looking at the eight best SMS gateway providers listed here.

The Short Messaging Service, also abbreviated as SMS, allows mobile devices to receive short text messages without the internet. For businesses, SMS has become one of the most convenient ways to reach their customers for plenty of reasons – an increasing number of mobile phone users, high open rates, and internet independency are a few to mention.

If you are an eCommerce business owner and thinking about introducing SMS functionality in an online store, you might need an SMS API. There are plenty of SMS gateway providers available in the market, and choosing the right one for your business can be a difficult task.

Therefore, I have handpicked some of the best SMS APIs you can consider for your business.

Table of Contents:

  • What is an SMS Gateway?
  • Best SMS Gateway Providers
    • Telesign
    • Vonage
    • MessageBird
    • Text Local
    • D7SMS
    • Telnyx
    • ClickSend
  • Conclusion

What is an SMS Gateway?

An SMS gateway allows a computer, also known as a server, to send text messages to mobile phones and other supported devices through an international telecommunication channel. It works through SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol to exchange messages between various message centers and entities.

In a nutshell, an SMS gateway provider or SMS API allows computers or servers to send text messages via SMS. It acts as a medium between the server and the SMS centers, while facilitating the message exchange.

In your online store, whether you are looking to send order notifications, OTP messages, or leverage marketing through text messages, you might need an SMS gateway provider for that.

List of 8 Best SMS Gateway Providers

There are plenty of SMS API providers available in the market that might put you in a state of confusion while choosing the best one for your business.

To help you out with that, here is a concise list of the best SMS gateway providers:

  2. Telesign
  3. Vonage (Nexmo)
  4. MessageBird
  5. Text Local
  6. D7 Networks
  7. Telnyx
  8. ClickSend
Comparing The Best SMS Gateway Providers
Name Global Coverage Price / Message Free Trial Contact Sales
Twilio Yes $0.0079 Available Click Here
Telesign Yes $ 0.0062 Unavailable Click Here
Vonage (Nexmo) Yes $0.0448 Available Click Here
MessageBird Yes $0.008 Available Click Here
Text Local Yes Available Click Here
D7 Networks Yes $0.0073 Unavailable Click Here
Telnyx Yes $0.0004 Available Click Here
ClickSend Yes $0.0629 Available Click Here




Founded in 2006 and headquartered in San Fransisco, is a leading cloud communication SMS gateway tops the list due to its incredible functionality and flexibility. It uses REST API that enables robust

messaging capabilities through programmable messages. It is loved by millions of developers worldwide.

Twilio offers a range of SMS gateway features that allow businesses to go beyond the basic SMS functionality. Moreover, the API provided by Twilio enables omnichannel messaging across other popular services such as WhatsApp and FB messenger. This renowned SMS API provider is highly reliable with its strong global presence.

Apart from the Twilio SMS API, it also offers phone number verification and lookup APIs that you can consider for your online store.


Twilio follows a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ pricing model for its SMS API that depends on the destination country, carrier, and message type. The Twilio SMS API pricing for the United States region is provided below:

  • $ 0.0079/message.

Click here for more details about Twilio pricing.

2. Telesign

Telesign - Best SMS API

Telesign is one of the leaders in digital identity and programmable communications. Founded in 2005, the company excels at enhancing the customer experience with its robust and flexible communication APIs. Telesign SMS API helps brands send text notifications to customers about various events.

The company provides solutions to verify mobile numbers and send programmable messages to customers through its intelligent platform. Moreover, it enables sending SMS, MMS, RCS, WhatsApp, and Viber messages using a single API for omnichannel communication. It powers billions of communications per month across over 230 countries across the globe.

Suppose you are looking for the best SMS gateway for your eCommerce store that can prevent fake registrations, send programmable messages, and provide powerful data insights. In that case, Telesign is a perfect choice for you!


Telesign follows pay-as-you-go pricing based on different countries. The pricing plan in the US is as below:

  • $ 0.0062/ per message

Check out more pricing details here.

3. Vonage (Nexmo)

Vonage - Best SMS API

Vonage, earlier known as Nexmo, is one of the leading communication API providers. It is transforming the ways businesses connect with their customers through programmable communication solutions that include messaging, voice, video, and more. The communication APIs provided by Vonage are trusted by over 100k businesses worldwide and have over 1 million registered developers.

Vonage extends normal communication through its programmable SMS API. Apart from the SMS API, Vonage also offers a Verify API and Reports API to harness the full potential of text messages for businesses.


The pricing of Vonage SMS gateway may vary from country to country. You can visit the official site for more details.

  • $0.0448/message.
  • Click here for Vonage SMS gateway pricing.

4. MessageBird

MessageBird - Best SMS API for eCommerce

We can not omit MessageBird when talking about the best SMS gateway providers. This SMS API provider is trusted by over 25000 companies worldwide, including Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. This renowned SMS API provider has global coverage with more than 250 carriers worldwide. The SMS API provided by MessageBird is highly robust that allows automated communication operations through codes.

The MessageBird SMS gateway is powered by over 240 direct-to-carrier connections across the globe. Apart from the basic SMS API, the company also provides other solutions for mobile number verification, building campaigns, email-to-sms, and much more.


The MessageBird SMS gateway pricing may vary from country to country.

  • $0.008/message for the United States.

Click here for MessageBird SMS gateway pricing.

5. Text Local

TextLocal SMS API

Text Local is UK’s number one mobile communication service provider, with more than 10000 developers using it worldwide. It provides easy to-integrate SMS API that supports a majority of the eCommerce CRM, CMS, applications, and other software. Text Local’s powerful SMS API supports sending up to 8,000 messages per second.

It supports sending personalized messages, delivery receipts, scheduled messages, etc. The SMS API by Text Local is fully-fledged with clever features that offer functionalities beyond the basic ones. The SMS API facilitates powerful bulk SMS campaigns, sending attachments through short links, providing real-time delivery and click reports, etc.


  • Click here for Text Local pricing.

6. D7 Networks

D7Networks SMS API

Direct7 or D7 Networks is a group of mobile experts that provides cost-effective SMS and email communication services at a global level. Sending SMS notifications to the customer is easier than ever with the simplified SMS API of D7Networks. The API supports sending highly customizable text messages as per the business requirements. Moreover, the D7 Networks also provides SMS Authentication and 2-Way Messaging APIs for added functionalities.

This SMS gateway ensures lightning-fast delivery with a high success rate and has global coverage. Also, it is easy to integrate with different software or apps through plugins. The company also offers 10+ free SMS credits upon account sign-up for testing purposes.


The pricing plans for D7 SMS API may vary from country to country. Provided below is the SMS plan for the United States:

  • $0.0073/message

Click here for D7 SMS gateway pricing.

7. Telnyx

Telnyx API Gateway

Telnyx is a highly reputed SMS API provider that makes the best SMS gateway providers list. It provides robust and programmable SMS API service, which is trusted by leading companies including Slack, HP, Cisco, etc. This SMS gateway provides plenty of local and toll-free numbers, shortcodes, and alpha-numeric IDs.

The SMS gateway allows sending highly customizable text messages through its programmable API, supports multiple languages and character sets, generates delivery reports, and more. This SMS API comes with a plethora of features that you might need to connect with your audience better. Some of Telnyx’s SMS gateway use cases include sending notifications, reminders, authentication, and marketing.


The pricing of Telnyx SMS API may vary from country to country. Provided below is the pricing for the United States:

  • Starts at $0.0004/message.

Click here to know more about Telnyx SMS gateway pricing.

8. ClickSend

ClickSend - Best SMS API Provider

Last but not least – ClickSend is a well-known business communication solution-providing company that completes the list of the best SMS gateway providers.  The company solves communication solutions for businesses through APIs for SMS, Emails, Voice, and much more. This SMS gateway provides an SMS API that supports sending messages as per the requirements.

The SMS gateway claims to provide lightning-fast delivery through high-performance routes with 100% SLA. Also, it is easy to integrate with the majority of the popular apps and caters to over 90000 customers worldwide.


ClickSend SMS gateway charges the rates based on the number of messages.

  • $0.0629/message for less than 2k messages.
  • $0.0512/message for more than 100k messages.

Click here for details about ClickSend SMS API pricing.


The SMS facility has evolved to be one of the most convenient methods to reach customers for businesses with its high open and response rate. Businesses can harness the benefits of traditional text messages by reaching out to their customers through SMS. There are plenty of SMS API providers available in the market, and businesses can choose the best SMS gateway provider per their requirements by comparing them from various aspects.

Coverage, pricing, reliability, clients’ reviews are things to look for while choosing the perfect SMS gateway provider for your business.

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