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Whatsapp Bulk sms service in Madurai

The prices of WhatsApp Bulk SMS service in madurai   and bulk whats app for promotional service are given below

SMS Credits Price /SMS SMS Price GST Tax(18%) Total Price Validity Buy Now
10000 0.18 Rs.1800/- Rs.324/- Rs.2124/- 6 Months Buy Now
25000 0.15 Rs.3750/- Rs.675/- Rs.4425/- 1 Year Buy Now
50000 0.14 Rs.7000/- Rs.1260/- Rs.8260/- 1 Year Buy Now
100000 0.13 Rs.13000/- Rs.2340/- Rs.15340/- 1 Year Buy Now
200000 0.12 Rs.24000/- Rs.4320/- Rs.28320/- 1 Year Buy Now
500000 0.11 Rs.55000/- Rs.9900/- Rs.64900/- 1 Year Buy Now

Transactional Whatsapp API Prices

WhatsApp Messaging

firstly Introducing real-time communications, for instance Bulk SMS Gateway brings a robust and reliable Whatsapp messaging feature that improves customer interaction. therefore Whatsapp is one of the most popular and trusted messaging apps.

secondly Apart from connecting family and friends, it can help you connect with your customers and escalate business opportunities.

Thirdly Benefits of introducing Whatsapp messaging

Brings personal touch- Whatsapp helps in connecting multiple customers at a time. therefore you can provide personalized support through multiple chats and interact with your customers in a better way.

Convey more- Whatsapp gives freedom to convey messages in more elaborate ways as the character limit is not restricted to just 160 but 1024 characters. for instance, With more characters, you can explain your services and products to the customers and provide a lot more information which was not possible through SMSs.

Interact across borders- The international reach of Whatsapp helps you find customers and talk to them hassle-free. Whatsapp messaging service allows you to communicate with people living on the other side of the world and rule out the complexities of local regulations on messaging.

Send Media-rich text- While SMSs restrict sending media files like audio, videos and images. Whatsapp messaging allows all these to every customer with no fuss. in addition to that You can also send real-time location and documents through it. above all Media-rich texts ensure better and improved interaction and similarly engagement.

Speed up the chat- Whatsapp messages grab the attention immediately. therefore  You can get the customers’ reaction in no time. similarly Clickable buttons and URLs brings more conversion to web visits, therefore notification subscriptions and a lot more.

therefore There are limitless benefits of Whatsapp messaging. in addition Now you can share relevant content to your customers through Whatsapp messaging and grab better business opportunities.


WhatsAPP Business API


Bulk Whatsapp Service in Madurai

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing  has become a popular Marketing tool in today’s digital age . for instance Normal communications may go unread, but the chances of not reading WhatsApp messages or media files are nearly non-existent.

therefore speedsms.in ‘s Bulk Whatsapp Marketing service helps to enrich your promotions and Marketing ideas with mass Whatsapp Messages by attaching images, videos, audio and PDFs and sending them to the whatsapp users  therefore This solution allows users to manage and

in  addition to that you can send up to one lakh WhatsApp SMS in a single campaign . Our Bulk WhatsApp sender Service gives you a secure credit-based web panel 

in conclusion where you can check your delivery reports and get a refund for failed messages therefore You can also be a user for your own branding or be a reseller and earn by selling further. So, allure your clients with attractive graphics and custom text to boost your sales.

We’ve offered the best pricing for you.

As seen below, we provide tailored pricing based on your use and needs.


  • 10,000 Credits
  • Credits Validity 3 Months
  • Send Multiple Content
  • 100% Advance Payment
  • Delivery Time 10 – 17 IST
  • Non Whatsapp Refundable(48hrs)


  • 50,000 Credits
  • Credits Validity 6 Months
  • Send Multiple Content
  • 100% Advance Payment
  • Delivery Time 10 – 17 IST
  • Non Whatsapp Refundable(48hrs)


  • 1,00,000 Credits
  • Credits Validity 1 Years
  • Send Multiple Content
  • 100% Advance Payment
  • Delivery Time 10 – 17 IST
  • Non Whatsapp Refundable(48hrs)


Extra Premium
  • 5,00,000 Credits
  • Credits Validity 2 Years
  • Send Multiple Content
  • 100% Advance Payment
  • Delivery Time 10 – 17 IST
  • Non Whatsapp Refundable(48hrs)

Things you should know before sending Bulk Whatsapp Messages

You can send only WhatsApp transferred media files.Images/Media

  • Remove : Any space, brackets or any other special character from the media. Only underscore (_) is valid.Delivery Report –
  • Reports : Within 3 days of the campaign if you use 20000 or greater credits.
  • Campaign Size – Minimum file is to upload 1000 numbers and you can send up to 1,00,000 numbers at once.
  • Campaign Timing – 09:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday to Saturday, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Every Sunday and Holidays.
  • Delivery Time – Between 30 minutes to 3 hours any quantity campaign
  • Sender No. – Recipient will receive the messages from Unknown Indian Virtual Numbers.
  • Media Extensions – For Image (.webp, .gif), For Video (.mp4), For Audio (.mp3).
  • Time Standard – Indian Standard time (IST), Time offset of UTC +05:30.

Advantages of Bulk Whatsapp Message

  • Simple for users to send and manage WhatsApp campaigns.
  • Graphics and media /assets are worth more than just characters.
  • You can use wa bulk sender or wa mass sender to send WhatsApp Messages to buyers in Madurai who have registered in the DND database. More users equals more revenue.
  • Improve your promotions and Marketing ideas in Madurai by attaching an image, video, audio, or PDF to your Bulk WhatsApp Messages.
  • High deliverability and read rates getting up to 26x ROI on wa sender or Whatsapp Marketing spend and 7.1x higher conversions than email.
  • You can do whatsapp blast of up to one lakh whatsapp SMS In a single campaign.


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