Bulk SMS Advertising

Bulk SMS Advertising

Bulk SMS Advertising IN INDIA

Each and every business has to advertise their products and services in order to succeed in this competitive world. With so many promotional tools and techniques available these days like print adds, television adds, hoardings, advertising using bulk SMS is the ideal choice anyone can make. Bulk SMS for advertising proves to be the best tool for conducting promotional campaigns.


Why bulk SMS is the best tool for advertising?

1. Affordable – Bulk SMS for advertising campaigns is the most affordable form of promoting products. The other traditional forms incur a huge amount of investment. Bulk SMS advertising is a cost-effective way of promoting your products. speedsms.in s the cheapest bulk SMS service provider in India.

2. Instant connection – Bulk SMS for promoting builds an instant connection with your target audience. As mobile is carried at all times and the open rate of an SMS is higher compared to an e-mail, involving your customers becomes a lot easier.

Thus staying in touch with your customers is easier using promotional bulk SMS. Fast2SMS offers you different routes for sending SMS like promotional, transactional and one of our newly launched route is quick transactional. speedsms.in is a leading bulk SMS provider in India.

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3. Fastest form of communication – Advertising campaigns are carried out by every business. You cannot deny the fact that an SMS reaches within seconds. And as soon an SMS reaches, it is the tendency of a person that he or she will automatically pick up the phone and see the message. While in other forms of advertising it is not at all certain that the campaign will be fruitful or not. Suppose a businessman gets advertisement published in a newspaper.

]What guarantee it is that the advertisement will be read by the target audience? Thousands of rupees are spent on that advertisement without even knowing the end result. Instead of using print media or going for television adds one must opt for bulk SMS advertising.  You can send flash SMS, custom SMS, multimedia SMS and add contacts using QR code. There is also an option of scheduling SMS for a later date and time.

4. Better than email marketing – It might happen that if you are sending emails to your customers, it may go into the spam or other folders. But in bulk SMS marketing, there is no such risk.

Also emails are not read frequently but SMS has a high open rate and it is read within 3 minutes of delivery. Emails are written in a lengthy and boring way which makes it less interesting to read. While SMS is made short, clear and concise thereby increasing its readability.

Hence we can say that SMS advertising is the first choice for every business and is growing at an exponential rate. So without any delay sign up at speedsms.in and start sending bulk text SMS now. Click here to read about mistakes to be avoided while sending bulk SMS. It will guide you to build an effective SMS campaign.speedsms.in provides you a simple yet robust platform for your bulk SMS needs.