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List of Top SMS APIs to Send Text Messages (Updated for 2023)

SMS APIs are Application Programming Interfaces that enable developers to integrate text messaging capabilities into applications, websites, and other tools. By leveraging an SMS API, developers can automate sending messages to multiple recipients at once with minimal effort. Additionally, an SMS API allows developers to streamline the process of notifying users when certain events occur within an application such as receiving an order confirmation or following up after a customer service call.

In addition to making it easier for businesses and developers to integrate text messaging features into their applications, SMS APIs provide several features that allow for scalable efficiency without sacrificing user experience including robust scheduling capabilities, custom templates for automated responses, multi-language support for global audiences, analytics and reporting options for understanding user engagement better, and data protection strategies that ensure secure communication between sender and recipient.




What is an SMS API?

An SMS API refers to a software integration interface that enables code to send short messages through an SMS API platform. It lets you build a personalized SMS channel for sending and receiving all your messages(like texting someone a GIF). Depending on your preference, you can get an SMS API for either HTTP, Java or PHP. Once you’ve set up a functional SMS API, it will help you:

  • Send and receive SMS in different forms
  • Access the recipient respond without any password authentication
  • Review the status of all your messages in real time


In this blog post, we’ll compare SMS Gateway/SMS providers to help you decide which is the best option for your needs.

How does an SMS API work?

An SMS API works by helping businesses send bulk SMS in various formats across different kind of networks. Choose your preferred smart message service provider who will walk you through the process of integration. You will be guided on how your business system will be linked to a working SMS API. Once the integration is complete, the system is then tested to ensure it’s working properly.

Your business can now start using the SMS API platform to communicate with both customers and staff seamlessly.

SMS APIs Breakdown

In today’s digital world, there is no doubt that innovation is changing our conventional ways of doing things.

View the Best SMS APIs

The business environment has experienced tremendous technological change over the years.

In order to remain competitive, one must adapt to the new ways of selling products and services, such as integrating with an API for sending SMS messages.

Digital SMS API marketing technique is one of the best strategies that businesses are using to reach thousands of potential clients with just a press of a button thanks to the SMS API platforms.

SMS Text Message APIs on

What are the top free SMS APIs?

If you’re strictly looking for free SMS APIs, check out this API collection, which contains SMS APIs that are free, have a freemium pricing model, or offer a free trial credit.

What is the best SMS API?

After reviewing over 43 SMS APIs, we found these 7 APIs to be the very best and worth mentioning:

  •  PhoneNumberValidateFree API
  •  D7SMS API
  •  Telesign SMS Verify API
  •  Twilio Lookup API
  •  SMS Gateway API
  •  Inteltech SMS API
  •  Telnyx API

Our Top 7 SMS APIs for 2023

PhoneNumberValidateFree Best for Phone number validation Connect to API
D7SMS Best for Worldwide SMS transmission Connect to API
Telesign SMS Verify Best for Verification & 2-factor authentication Connect to API
Twilio Lookup Best for SMS messaging, verification, and number lookup Connect to API
SMS Gateway Best for Voice, SMS and WhatsApp Connect to API
Inteltech SMS Best for Sending & receiving SMS Connect to API
Telnyx Best for Voice, data & messaging Connect to API

List of our Top Picks for the Best SMS Messaging APIs

If you have not integrated your business systems with a functional SMS API, your marketing strategies are not up-to-date and scalable. You might lose your clients to competitors.

The following list illustrates the most popular SMS APIs & SMS API providers that you can try today in order to make your SMS marketing campaigns effective and superior:

1. PhoneNumberValidateFree

The PhoneNumberValidateFree API provides a free and easy way to validate any phone number from any country.

The API has 1 endpoint,validate.


2. D7SMS

The D7SMS API allows developers to integrate the Direct7 SMS gateway into a software or application to reach customers over D7’s global mobile network. This SMS API is great for sms notifications and communication using D7’s worldwide SMS presence.

The API has 3 endpoints:

  1. balance – get the user account’s balance and quota
  2. messages – send messages to destination addresses and get message status
  3. verify – generate, resend, and verify an OTP

In order to get started, sign up for an account at

3. Telesign SMS Verify

The Telesign SMS Verify API offers verification and two-factor authentication (over SMS) capabilities through their REST API. This is the perfect API for adding authentication into your mobile app with a verification code (via text message).

The Telesign API has one endpoint:

  • Send verification code


Telesign SMS API Pricing

The SMS Verification API is a freemium API available with 4 different pricing tiers:

  • Basic ($1/month) – up to 1,000 calls/month
  • Pro ($10/month) – 100,000 calls/month
  • Ultra ($50/month) – 500,000 calls/month
  • Mega ($250/month) – 2,500,000 calls/day


Telesign SMS Verify credits vary depending on the recipient country, which can see here.

Example API Call (Node.js)

var qs = require(“querystring”);
var http = require(“https”);
var options = {
“method”: “POST”,
“hostname”: “”,
“port”: null,
“path”: “/sms-verification-code”,
“headers”: {
“x-rapidapi-host”: “”,
“x-rapidapi-key”: “5qJqwzYfEQmshH8rccqVytKwQ0c3p1FPQUwjsn7KaDUfQdpCaj”,
“content-type”: “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”
var req = http.request(options, function (res) {
var chunks = [];
res.on(“data”, function (chunk) {
res.on(“end”, function () {
var body = Buffer.concat(chunks);

4. Twilio Lookup

The Twilio Lookup API is a great messaging API that finds phone types and carriers, and allows developers to programmatically get information about phone numbers, including toll-free numbers, to be as effective as possible.

Lookup on the RapidAPI Marketplace currently supports the following types of data:

  • Region-specific number formatting and validation
  • Carrier information
  • Caller name

Twilio also hasTwilio Verify Phone Number API, which makes it simple to add phone verification to your web application. It supports codes sent via voice and SMS.

Twilio Lookup pricing – $0.01/Lookup (include caller name) or $0.005/Lookup (include carrier)


  • Send SMS with Twilio (Ruby on Rails)
  • How to Use the Twilio API with PHP
  • Twilio Python SMS API Tutorial
  • SMS API Node.JS
  • Twilio SMS API React Tutorial

5. SMS Gateway

MessageBird’s SMS Gateway API provides a simple and fast API for sending and receiving text messages all over the world.

The API has 2 endpoints:

  • HLR-lookup (network query)
  • SMS gateway

6. Inteltech SMS

Inteltech SMS (or Clicksend) is a cloud-based service that lets you send and receive SMS, email, voice, fax, and letters worldwide.

The API has 2 endpoints:

  1. Check credit
  2. Send SMS


To get started, head over to ClickSend and sign up for an account. Grab your username & API key, and enter it in the required parameters in the API console to test the endpoints.

7. Telnyx

Telnyx is a VoIP telecom service provider that offers multiple capabilities through their API including:

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Messaging


Telnyx API is great solution if you need more than just SMS.

To begin using the API, you’ll need to navigate to Telnyx and register for an account. Create a connection and copy your API tokens to use with RapidAPI.

Learn more about how to use the API here.

Benefits of using SMS API

  • SMS API helps your business link all its systems into a single functional center thus, making it easier to send bulk SMS to a wide range of networks.
  • SMS gateway API is faster and efficient compared to other forms of communication.
  • You can get personalized SMS API that is ideal for your unique business system. You can customize your bulk SMS messages and include customer’s personal information such as name as well as One-Time-Pins (OTP) and one-time passwords. They are efficient and flexible.
  • SMS API is reliable in terms of speed and ease of use. With just a click of a button, you are able to communicate with various clients across different technological networks and get real-time feedback.
  • SMS APIs guarantees a total data security as they are developed with sophisticated technologies.

Additional Info

How can I get access to SMS APIs?

Getting access to SMS APIs is easy:

  1. Sign up for a free RapidAPI user account.
  2. Find any available SMS API (and subscribe if necessary).
  3. Test the Endpoints.
  4. Grab the Code Snippet for your preferred programming language.
  5. Integrate into your app!

What is SMS API Integration?

SMS API integration allows developers to utilize SMS providers to send and receive SMS text messages within their software, websites, or mobile applications.

What is a Messaging API?

Messaging API refers to any service that enables developers to implement various messaging technologies in an application via a single programmable interface. Source: PubNub View more messaging and chat APIs.

What is an SMS Gateway?

An SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunications network. Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks. Many SMS gateways support media conversion from email and other formats.

Source: Quora

Is there any free API to send SMS?

There are a few APIs that provide free SMS integration. If you’re looking for SMS APIs with a free or freemium plan, check out this API collection. Most reliable SMS APIs have a pricing plan and base their API usage on SMS messages sent. Check out the pricing for top SMS providers like:

  • Nexmo – $0.0001/use
  • TeleSign SMS Verify -1000 free credits/month, then $0.0001 each additional credit

What is SMS gateway service?

An SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunications network. Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks. Many SMS gateways support media conversion from email and other formats. Source: Wikipedia

Summary: Best SMS APIs for Developers

API Sends SMS Sends MMS Two-factor Authentication Pricing
PhoneNumberValidateFree No No No Freemium
D7SMS Yes No Yes $0.006 USD/Message
Telesign SMS Verify No No Yes Freemium
Twilio Lookup Yes Yes No Pay Per Use
SMS Gateway Yes No No Varies
Inteltech SMS Yes No No Varies
Telnyx Yes No No $0.0045 USD/Outbound Message

SMS Service Providers

SMS technology has risen to become one of the most critical communication channels for most individuals and organizations. Whether you’re running a survey, making a booking, or advertising special offers to your customers, there are no better means than the use bulk SMS services. Emails can go unread, calls can be unanswered, leaflets can be thrown into the trash, but when you send a text message, it will be read in the first moment it pops up in the phone’s notification bar. It’s like a norm for human beings to want to read a text message once received on their mobile phone.

And given how affordable they can be, businesses can get higher ROI when using SMS than any other communication channel. However, depending on your business’s unique needs, you ought to select a provider that offers several pricing tiers, have an option for bulk SMS, is reliable, and boast other functions such as an API. Before we progress further, let’s try and understand what SMS Service providers are all about.

What is an SMS Service Provider?

An SMS service provider can be defined as a business entity that specializes in the provision of SMS text messages, even though it is not a mobile network operator itself. It acts as the intermediary between customers and mobile network providers. SMS service providers enter into agreements with vast network providers, and they are be authorized to utilize these networks to facilitate the exchange of SMS messages. They offer customers an interface that they can use to send and receive SMS messages. Sometimes, these service providers may utilize SMS gateways to provide more sophisticated services.

What is a SMS Gateway?

An SMS Gateway is a protocol that enables a computer to send and receive SMS messages through mobile network SMPP protocol. The SMS gateway converts the message being sent into a language that can be easily understood by the network receiving it. This ensures that the text message reaches the intended target without any delays. An SMS gateway permits companies to utilize their email, CRM software, or computer to deliver SMS text messages to customers. It then returns a delivery report detailing the delivery uptime and status.

Years ago, SMS gateways were real pieces of hardware with sim cards and radios. Each was connected to a mobile network to send messages in a similar way to a typical cellular phone. However, today’s SMS gateways route SMS messages to the mobile networks through an SMPP interface that is exposed by the systems via APIs. SMS service providers that leverage SMS gateways are preferred since they deliver loads of features that benefit any enterprise, whether in education, healthcare, retail, or entertainment industries.

Which is the best bulk SMS service provider?

While several companies offer bulk SMS services, only a few of them are top-notch. In this piece, we take a sneak peek of this world-class bulk service provider.


When it comes to bulk SMS services, no company comes close to Twilio. Boasting a programmable SMS platform that runs on a professionally balanced software platform, this provider can offer bulk SMS and guarantee prompt and safe delivery. Some of the unique features that make it one of the most respected SMS service providers include multi-tenancy, scaler, geo match, scaler, and queueing.


Since most organizations in the modern market use APIs, you’ll also be glad to know that Twilio integrates cutting-edge APIs that allow you to program SMS messaging. Twilio not only adds robust messaging capabilities to your enterprise, but also helps you to add phone verification, and get deliveries whenever you send a message to a customer or prospect.  When it comes to selecting the most accomplished SMS service provider, you can trust that Twilio is a fantastic choice.

SMS technology has risen to become one of the most critical communication channels for most individuals and organizations. Whether you’re running a survey, making a booking, or advertising special offers to your customers, there are no better means than the use of bulk SMS services. Emails can go unread, calls can be unanswered, leaflets can be thrown into the trash, but when you send a text message, it will be read in the first moment it pops up in the phone’s notification bar. It’s like a norm for human beings to want to read a text message once received on their mobile phone.

And given how affordable they can be, businesses can get higher ROI when using SMS than any other communication channel. However, depending on your business’s unique needs, you ought to select a provider that offers several pricing tiers, have an option for bulk SMS, is reliable, and boast other functions such as an API. Before we progress further, let’s try and understand what SMS Service providers are all about.

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SMS API Business Use Cases

  • Arrival Alerts (ridesharing like Uber and Lyft)
  • Lead Alerts
  • Dispatch Notifications
  • Order Confirmations
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Billing Alerts
  • Sales and Support
  • 2Factor Verification (see phone verification APIs)
  • Surveys
  • Subscriber Management
  • Mobile App Promotion
  • Passwordless Authentication
  • Social Invites

WhatsApp Messaging APIs

  • Maytapi – Send and receive messages from WhatsApp via Maytapi.

SMS APIs for India

  • SMSly – SMS to INDIA
  • FreeSMS8
  • DND Checker – India
  • Dial2verify SMS Gateway
  • TheTexting Global SMS

View Rapid’s SMS API Collection

4.6/5 – (53 votes)

Complete List of SMS APIs & SMS Carriers

  • SMS & Voice Messages – Send SMS messages and voice messages using a simple to use API.
  • Send SMS through MGS91 – This command can be used to send text messages to either individual numbers or entire contact groups.
  • The SMS Works – A rock solid, low cost SMS API that companies and organisations of all sizes can rely on.
  • DND Checker – India – Check DND status of any valid mobile number before sending a SMS/Text Message to India using an up to date database of NDNC, NCCP, TRAI, DNC or NCPR.
  • FreeSMS8 – Send unlimited SMS to any Indian local numbers using this API, all you need is an account from
  • Telesign SMS Verify – Delivers patented phone-based verification and two-factor authentication using a time-based, one-time passcode sent over SMS.
  • D7SMS – Quickly integrate Direct7 SMS Gateway and reach your customers over D7’s own connectivity to global mobile network.
  • SMS Gateway – MessageBird provides a simple and fast API for sending and receiving text messages (SMS) all over the world. Other related services are HLR-Lookup (network query) and sending and receiving Premium SMS messages.
  • Inteltech SMS – Intelligent Technologies SMS API. Allows sending and receiving of SMS messages. An account is required. Sign up for free at messages to any country in the world.
  • ClickSend SMS – Clicksend SMS REST API.
  • Telnyx – Telnyx is a VoIP telecom service provider.
  • Infobip SMS – Quickly integrate SMS messaging services into various solutions by using Infobip HTTP application programming interface (HTTP API). The HTTP API can be used for sending SMS messages, collecting delivery reports, making Number Context (number validation) requests and receiving inbound SMS messages sent from mobile phones.
  • SMSly – SMS to INDIA – India’s #1 SMS Marketing and Alerts Platform now available at RapidAPI. One click OTP verification | No setup costs | No license costs | You just pay a small fee per SMS | Instant Delivery of SMS | Secured SMS Routes | Priority SMS Gateway Routes | Live Delivery Report | All India & All Operator SMS Delivery | Easy integration with Organization Systems | Transactional SMS Services. For all of its features, SMSLy also offers extremely competitive pricing. We will be adding custom Sender ID support and other features to Mashape soon.
  • Hajana One Single Branded SMS Only For Pakistan – Hajana One SMS Gateway has been designed for your convenience. It sends personalized messages all over the world, and delivery lasts not more than a few minutes (sending speed is up to 500 SMS per second). After the process is finished, you get detailed reports. Numerous features of the SMS sending service provide easy, quick and safe distribution of your campaigns.
  • Sagenda v3 – Sagenda is an online booking software that helps your clients fix appointments and meetings with you online. Sagenda is available at absolutely NO COST for you or your clients! And the best thing about it is that you may have an unlimited number of bookings and/or customers. On a paid basis you can add SMS notifications and PayPal payment.
  • SMS Text messaging gateway function – SMS TEXT API GATEWAY – CLOUD RESTFUL AND LIGHTWEIGHT API.Send and receive text messages directly from and to your web application or IT systems via our API. With access to our well documented and supported API you will be able to connect directly.
  • 46elks – Receive & send SMS messages, allocate phone numbers, control incoming phone calls, build IVRs, connect calls and create automated outgoing phone calls. Simply Voice, SMS & MMS in one easy API. Visit for support and account creation.
  • SMS2USA – Send unlimited free SMS to USA using our service provided by
  • Branded SMS Pakistan – Branded SMS Pakistan provide Mask Messaging Gateway in Pakistan.
  • Dial2verify SMS Gateway – Introducing ultra cheap Transactional SMS API for developers ( India ) Send speedy sms with fully customizable dynamic sender ids for FREE..Claim your FREE SMS Credits at
  • TextIt – Easily create interactive SMS applications anywhere in the world. At the core of TextIt lies our exclusive Flow engine. With Flows, anybody can set up or modify a complex SMS application without the need of a programmer or expensive consulting company. Using a basic Android phone, you can launch your application instantly in any country while avoiding expensive set-up costs or external technical support.
  • Msg91 – We are Responsible to Deliver your SMS Instantly. Everytime.
  • SMSLink – SMS Service Provider covering 1,000+ networks in 168+ countries. SMSLink is a SMS provider that provides integrated services such as SMS Marketing, SMS Gateway, Mail to SMS and SMS Alerts.
  • Apifonica – A single API for SMS, social messaging, and voice communication, with free inbound calls and messages.
  • EasyPostTracking – Add postal package tracking to an app, email, SMS or more.
  • Atomic SMS Sender – Atom Park SMS Gateway API provides a seamless and effective experience and service by integrating with SMS API solution to provide a means of communication between your SMS gateway and your service thus allowing you to send and receive bulk text messages and check delivery status and reports.
  • Clickatell – Use Clickatell’s global SMS Gateway to send bulk SMS to: over 5.2 billion people on 960+ networks in 220+ countries & territories. This product provides an interface between your existing systems and Clickatell’s Messaging Gateway.
  • cloudwire Short Code SMS MMS – The short code API is a robust messaging API for compliant USA based short code SMS/MMS applications and further supports international SMS to nearly every country in the world. No long or short codes are required. For international SMS, utilizes local match long codes in over 45 countries.
  • Hajana One Free SMS For Websites – Get Free SMS API for Your website, and Any application. currently we have daily limit on free API, we are offering 20 SMS/day.
  • HQSMS – HQSMS is a global SMS provider offering SMS gateway and specializing in SMS text messaging solutions : SMS notices, bulk SMS and HLR lookup service. HTTPS API interface allows you to inegrate most of on-line applications.
  • HTTP Messaging – The HTTP API is used to send simple SMS text messages by posting the message content and recipient information in a long URL.
  • Mobile Billing – Direct Carrier Billing, Direct Mobile Billing and Premium SMS billing payment methods, all available using this Mobile Payments API from mobile billing flows are supported: PIN, Redirect-to-Operator, Premium SMS and SMS handshake.
  • Mogreet – SMS, MMS, Transcoding and User Lookup APIs. Quickly and easily add messaging and rich media to your mobile application with the Mogreet Mobile Services Platform.
  • Onehop SMS – The listed REST API calls give you access to the entire Onehop Platform stack. These API calls are designed to make it easy to add a rich in-app messaging feature to your application.
  • Quiq – Quiq makes it easy for customers to interact with a company via Messaging. Customers can now engage customer service via SMS/text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, and Kik for help with their pre-sales questions and post-sales support.
  • Resalty SMS – With this API You Can Send SMS And Get your Balance you need to have an account on resalty website to use this API.
  • SMS Fusion – API for sending SMS via the SMS Fusion platform
  • SMS sending – Send bulk SMS all around the world, 200 countries covered and more than 700 operators are available. See for more details and documentation.
  • SMS Text messaging functions – Comprehensive SMS messaging functions..Direct UK connections, set the sender ID and send texts up to 612 characters. Send SMS to the UK and Europe. Functions include: Send SMS, Receive SMS, Schedule SMS, Delivery Reporting, Branch Level Identification. You can also control your Text Marketer account programmatically, for example: Inject mobile numbers direct into your account, create new sub accounts and move credits between them and create new groups. Used by well know brands through to start ups, low cost and reliability is our strength.
  • TCS Cloud Messaging – TCS’ Cloud Messaging Center REST API allows developers to easily integrate SMS/Text messaging into their applications and web services. We offer two-way text messaging coverage for all US wireless carriers. The Cloud Messaging Center (CMC) REST API provides a set of methods that are called using https or http, to perform messaging (SMS) features.
  • TheTexting Global SMS – Account Signup required..TheTexting RESTful API provides complete access to 10+ calls and allowing you to send texts globally..· You can send text & unciode messages, read messages, change your account settings etc.
  • Transactional or OTP SMS – Digimiles SMS API can be used to integrate with ecommerce sites, CRM softwares, mobile apps, websites to send automatic OTP’s, alerts, notifications, reminders to registered mobile users.
  • API – SMSAPI is a global SMS communication provider for businesses and NGOs. Powerful and easy SMS communication at your fingertips!







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