Bulk sms in chennai

Bulk sms in chennai

speedsms.in offers bulk SMS services in Chennai. Our motive is to provide high quality service at a budget friendly price. We provide bulk SMS in Chennai to a variety of clients ranging from banks, insurance companies, e-commerce portals, schools, hospitals and many more. speedsms.in is leading bulk SMS service provider in Chennai. in addition to the  We have a database of 2 million registered and satisfied users which are continuously increasing with each day.

Why speedsms.in

Our bulk SMS in Chennai is famous for its exceptional services and transparent prices. We provide genuine and performance driven services.in addition to the above

Firstly In a fast moving world where everyone is in hurry promotion of products and services becomes a tedious and time consuming process. All the traditional forms of marketing like print adds, TV adds, hoardings require a huge amount of investment. In this scenario, using the services of a bulk SMS providing company can take your business to a new level.

Secondly Bulk SMS services are in great demand these days. Selecting the right bulk SMS provider can be a bit challenging sometimes. Don’t worry you have come to the right place. speedsms.in is the best SMS provider in Chennai.
Reasons for choosing speedsms.in bulk SMS services in Chennai


1. Easy interface – speedsms.in has a very easy and user-friendly interface to operate on. All the features are specially designed in such a way that there is no complexity in them. Comfort of users is our main motto.

2. QR code – above all You will not find this feature in any other bulk SMS service provider company. In this feature you can add contacts more easily. Click here to read about adding contacts using QR.

3. Quick transactional route –  above all One of our most popular feature is quick transaction route for sending bulk SMS. Here you don’t have to get document approval. Click here to know more about it.

4. Unicode SMS -above all  Unicode SMS gives you the option of sending messages in different languages other than english. Click here to get an idea on how you can send SMS in different languages.

5. Affordable pricing – above all Our cost effective prices makes speedsms.in an ideal choice for every business. Click here to know the details of our SMS price.

therefore  now you must have made a choice of selecting speedsms.in for your bulk SMS needs. Sign up now and get the benefit of our services. We assure that you will enjoy your SMS marketing experience with us.

Wholesale Bulk SMS Provider in India
therefore speedsms.in has services around the world and has been operating Since 2007. We offer outstanding service to wholesale clients In India

Promotional SMS
Promotional SMS allows you to send personalized discounts,sales coupon, alerts

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Transactional SMS
hence Transactional SMS Essential information messages related to transaction

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OTP SMS can be sent 24×7 without any restrictions and timely delivery

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Geo-Tower Based SMS
Target Customers in real-time within your locality and achieve your marketing goals

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Cloud Telephony
Use our cloud telephony system, therefore  to simplify business to better communication

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Voice Call/OBD in additon to the above
Personalized Bulk Voice Call (OBD) way to reach a large set of audience in single click

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Toll Free Services similarly
1800 number allows your customers can reach you at no cost and build a brand in addition to that we offer quality in service

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Virtual Number in addition to the above
SMEs & Big business use virtual numbers to route incoming call to right person

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Missed Call Services similarly
Customer’s can give missed call at zero cost in addition to  that The call automatically gets disconnected after 1 ring

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Whatsapp Business API hence in addition to that  in conclusion
You can choose from a range of approved templates to send alerts  therefore you can send notifications  to your customers

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Number Lookup for instance
HLR Lookup (Home Location Register) Keep your database clean and reduce your messaging expense costs

in addition to sms Email Email marketing is the highly effective marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers

Take your global messaging to next level with a platform built forscale, speed and deliverability
Wholesale for instance speedsms.in is a provider of wholesale sms across the globe with several service types. Highly competitive pricing and quality dyanamic multiple direct routes to deliver every message on time.

Worldwide Coverage
in addition Send SMS messages to a constantly expanding global reach to 190+ countries across India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, UK, USA, Qatar, Bangkok, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman similarly Worldwide through SMPP and HTTP APIs.

Enterprise and SME Messaging
speedsms.in Messaging platoform is a world class Engineering. Connect to our platforms and unlock enterprise messaging similarly  we delivery to 100+ Million SMS every month.

However The  speedsms Advantage
Highly Secure
24×7 Support
Direct Connectivity
Wholesale Price
Transparent Reporting
99.999% Infrastructure Uptime
Why are GEO Location based SMS campaigns important?
Targeted Audience
Right Message to Right Place at Right Time.

after that we have 35+ Target Profile
in addition to that Your messages directly reach to the targeted customers Like Radious, Gender, Handset OS, City, Pincode etc..

Save Money
similarly  To notify new deals, new offers and capture individual response to relevant audience.therefore you can save money

Excellent ROI
GEO Analytical campaigns will boost your ROI and give you better customer experience with their high level of personalization.

Why you should send SMS messages through speedsms.in
Importantly Easy Integration
Easily Integrate any Application and Website With Secure, Scalable & Powerful SMS API’s. our sample codes in http, PHP, Java, .NET..therefore it is easy

Pay as you GO
moreover Clear in addition to honest Competitive pricing with zero hidden charges in addition to that Pay as you go with zero commitments.

No Setup & Monthly Fees
in above all, There is NO SETUP Fee Involved. You just need to buy a SMS Credits access to the platform & APIs is free forever.

Global Reach
hence In conclusion Expand your business reach to the entire globe with our reliable similarly  scalable SMS API’s and promotional sms.