Bulk SMS marketing mistakes to avoid

Bulk SMS marketing mistakes to avoid

Bulk SMS marketing mistakes to avoid Bulk SMS marketing is more popular now than ever.

Despite the rise of new channels like RCS messaging, nothing can beat the responsiveness of SMS.

UK Research company  Mobilesquared reveals that last year, 1.67 business SMS messages were sent globally. This number is expected to rise to 2.8 trillion by 2022.

That’s a 68% rise in business to consumer texts over a 4-year period.

Despite the continued rise of bulk SMS, there are still some very simple bulk SMS mistakes that companies are making with their campaigns.

1. Fail to use an opt-out

This is one of the most common mistakes despite that failing to use an opt-out on your bulk SMS campaign could land you in all sorts of trouble with the ICO.

The GDPR explicitly states that you need to use an opt-out

both when first collecting the details and in every message after that.

2. Fail to make the landing page mobile-friendly

Most bulk SMS messages contain a link, inviting the customer to click through to a  website where they can respond to the offer.

Surprisingly, many campaigns fail to use an mobile-optimized landing page, making for a clunky and unpleasant user experience.

Most of us will be very intolerant of this type of shoddiness and click away almost immediately.

Make sure that your landing pages actually deliver a great experience or your bulk SMS campaign is likely to fall flat on its face.

3. Send a confusing text

With only 160 characters to play with, it’s tempting to try and cram in too many messages. This is almost always a mistake.

Stick to one clear offer with one simple ‘call to action’. If you make people think or confuse them, then the overall response rate will be squashed.

4. Use ‘text speak’

Some people are fine with using text speak in bulk SMS marketing messages but many are not.

It can come across as too casual and unprofessional.

Play it safe, use complete words and sentences where possible and you won’t run the risk of alienating sections of your audience.

5. Send text too frequently

Nothing will have your customers unsubscribing more quickly than if you pummel them with a constant stream of bulk SMS messages.

It may seem logical to try and recreate the success of a previous campaign by sending follow texts shortly afterward.

This normally ends in diminishing returns and an increasingly large list of unsubscribers.

Less is most definitely more.


Bulk SMS marketing mistakes to avoid/ Bulk SMS marketing mistakes to avoid/ Bulk SMS marketing mistakes to avoid