bulk sms via whatsapp ?

bulk sms via whatsapp

Is it possible to send bulk messages via WhatsApp?

Sending bulk messages has always been considered an excellent opportunity for small and large companies that come to life within the many versions of WhatsApp, as it allows them to quickly send messages to all customers, share promotions, give relevant information, or highlight special events.

This functionality is, without a doubt, extremely attractive and at Callbell our customers ask us every day if we also use this feature to subsequently use it for their activities. This explains the purpose of this article in which we will teach you, in detail, this possibility: how to send bulk messages with Callbell.

First of all, we must clarify that not all platforms offer the bulk messaging feature, since it is a fairly sensitive topic and WhatsApp, in most cases, considers them spam; however, there are ways to use this type of functionality, despite WhatsApp penalizing and monitoring it constantly, so, in a sense, you have to decide whether or not to take this risk.

It must be said that the only way to send mass messages via WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business is to create a list of contacts, and forward the message you want to send.

What are bulk messages?

Bulk messages are a form of communication and dissemination used to attract, retain, disseminate, and carry out promotional campaigns for a specific product, service, or anything we wish advertise. Currently, this feature is used by thousands of companies to promote their services, products and offers to a large number of users, in no time at all. This type of campaign can be implemented on multiple channels, email is the most popular one; however, there are currently new ways to send bulk messages with apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.

In fact, with WhatsApp you can send bulk messages by creating a pre-established contact list to whom simply send the message.

It is recommended to create bulk message campaigns with WhatsApp?

We at Callbell do not recommend using the bulk messaging function provided on WhatsApp, because WhatsApp is an app intended as private messaging platform and does not favor the sending of bulk messages at all. Even though WhatsApp has this feature, it does not mean that we can take advantage of it and repeatedly send bulk messages.

This means that we need to use this function with caution. In fact, WhatsApp prohibits SPAM messages, the promotion of products, services, or mass sales, as it can be invasive and annoying for users who use the app, and it is for this reason that we do not recommend its use.

Furthermore, if you decide to use this function, you may be subjected to reports by users who consider your messages as SPAM, thus causing the closure of your account and the blocking of your phone number which, as we all know, is essential for every business. You should also note that, if you decide to use a multi-agent service provider in the WhatsApp Business API, the bulk messaging function will be extremely expensive, and you might be able to only send predefined message templates, without having the possibility to modify them.

How can I create bulk messages on WhatsApp?

To create bulk messages on WhatsApp without having to use an external service provider via the API, you just need to follow these steps:

1) Open WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business.

2) Go to the Chat screen> Menu button> New List.

3) Write the names of the contacts you want to send the message to or press the + button to select them directly from your contact list.

4) Press OK.

5) Press Create.

There you go! All recipients will be grouped into a single list. Next, you will need to create the message you want to send and it will reach everyone in no time. Remember that if they reply, only you will be able to see the message.

It is very important to note that only contacts who have your number saved in their address book will receive your bulk messages. If one of your contacts does not receive the bulk messages, check that they have your phone number saved in the address book; Bulk lists are a way to send a single message to multiple recipients, as WhatsApp warns before sending it.

Another way to send massive messages is through the API and a messaging service provider such as Callbell, where you simply have to select the contacts you want to send the message to, compose it and send it. This function may differ slightly depending on the provider connected to the API.

We muse note that Callbell does not offer the bulk messaging function due to the restrictions and sanctions that WhatsApp has in this regard.

How to send massive messages with Callbell

Callbell has also recently integrated the bulk message function for WhatsApp, with which our customers who use the WhatsApp Business API will be able to reach many users.

The most interesting difference between broadcast messages sent by WhatsApp API and traditional broadcast messages (those available for free on the WhatsApp App or WhatsApp Business) is that it is also possible to send a predefined message to all senders who have not saved your company number in the address book. The message will then be received by all users in the mailing list. In this way it will be possible to communicate with a large number of users (there is no limit of 256 contacts per sending), to thus effectively promote the company’s products or services.

To send a broadcast, you must first be a Callbell customer, with an active WhatsApp API account. You will then have to complete this short form . Once received, a member of our team will quickly contact you to share the cost of the service and schedule the shipment.

Although WhatsApp was created as a private messaging app, therefore useful for communicating personally with each user, it allows the sending of mass messages aimed at promoting, selling or disseminating company information.

If you decide to use this feature, keep in mind that it is always important to have obtained the users’ consent to receive your communications, otherwise you risk that the number will be blocked as it is considered spam. WhatsApp, after several reports from users, may decide to temporarily block the number.

You can find more info on our dedicated knowledge base.

Final Recommendations

We know that this is a feature that you would like to have, however, as a final recommendation, we advise you to not use it as it could lead to serious problems, including your phone number being blocked. For this reason, we invite you to try the WhatsApp Business API with a multi-agent team that can take care of your customers, sending all the messages you want with greater security and efficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about this and understanding how to use the WhatsApp Business API, you can open a free account with Callbell and try all the benefits we have reserved for you. You can also see how Callbell actually works by signing up for our weekly webinar here.

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