can bulk sms be traced ?

can bulk sms be traced?

yes can bulk sms be traced ? Bulk SMS Service is becoming an innovative tool for sending promotional messages and conveying urgent information to our customers. It has made our connection with the target audience easy and effortless. But if we want to know from where that bulk SMS has come, is it possible? Can bulk SMS be traced? The answer to this question is yes, we can trace that from which operator and which location it has been delivered.

Have you ever wondered what is the significance of first 2 alphabetical characters placed at the beginning of the actual Sender ID. Suppose you receive an SMS from Axis bank such as IY-AXSBNK. This means that the message has come from Idea cellular, Madhya Pradesh. The first character that is ā€˜Iā€™ represents the code for Service Provider and the second character ā€˜Yā€™ represents the code for Service Area. This way we can easily determine the location and the operator from where the message is sent.

Let us understand this with an example.

The image below shows the sender ID as VK-iPaytm. Here V stands for Vodafone and K stands for Kolkata. It means that the SMS is received through Vodafone, Kolkata.

What is the use of tracing bulk SMS?

According to TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), it is mandatory for every unsolicited bulk SMS sender to use these codes as sender names so that any malicious or illegal activities can be prevented. So if something happens against the law, its location can be traced easily.

In the below table, you will find the list of codes for service area.

Location code list

In the following table, you will see the list of codes for service providers.

Operator code list