How to send bulksms ?

How to send bulksms

How to send bulksms ?Bulk SMS free apps make it easy to send bulk SMS to your clients and prospects. With free bulk SMS sender, SMS marketing is a matter of just few steps:

  • Compose your message to be sent through bulk SMS free apps
  • Add recipients by selecting the number from your contacts
  • Type the message you want to convey to your target customers in the message box
  • Preview your message & hit the send button! It’s that simple.

How to Send Bulk SMS Messages from the Internet

Unlike most SMS messaging solutions available, using the internet to send bulk SMS messages means that you can access your account and send SMS messages from anywhere in the world using an internet enabled device. The BulkSMS Web to SMS solution does just that.

Once you have opened a BulkSMS Web to SMS account, it enables you to access your online account from any internet connected Web browser. This user-friendly software also allows you create and manage your online distribution groups from within your account.

How to Send Bulk SMS Messages From Your PC

Bulk SMS messaging, as of the late 1990’s, has become a central communication tool for businesses and organizations across the globe. Due to the popularity of bulk SMS services, there are many platforms available to suit the needs of anyone wanting to send bulk SMS messages. These application-to-person SMS message solutions range from mobile phone applications, software programmes, web interfaces, or SMS API integration with systems.

Software programmes, for one, are necessary for anyone wanting to send bulk SMS messages from their personal computers. This bulk SMS messaging solution will interface with a service providers’ SMS gateway to ensure the delivery of messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world.

The BulkSMS Text Messenger is one such software programme. Once downloaded onto your PC, the BulkSMS Text Messenger enables you to manage all of your SMS communications directly from your desktop. The software is free to install and it allows you to manage, send and receive individual and bulk SMS communications.

** The BulkSMS Text Messenger software also hosts a range of features that are available at no extra cost. These features include: **

  • Personalised Messaging
  • Scheduling of SMS messages
  • Link to external datasources: Outlook, Pastel, SQL Server and other ODBC datasources
  • Quick messaging to larger groups (up to 20,000 contacts) and individuals
  • Detailed reporting of all SMS communications.

Download the BulkSMS Text Messenger software and start sending SMS messages straight from you PC or laptop. The platform is available for Windows and Mac users.