Incredible benefits of bulk SMS marketing

Incredible benefits of bulk SMS marketing
Incredible benefits of bulk SMS marketing

As a marketing channel, SMS is booming. And for good reason. Nomophobia (aka fear of losing your mobile phone) is real, folks – your customers love looking at their phones.

As brands jump on board with SMS, the leaders are racing ahead by embracing automated, bulk SMS marketing to broadcast compelling messages to the masses as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Bulk text messaging uses a high-volume SMS gateway service to send a single message – which can easily be personalised – to as many people as you want. And it works.

Want to convince your team that bulk SMS marketing is the way to go? Here are seven big benefits no marketer wants to miss out on.

1. Ramp up results with high cut-through

It’s noisy out there. And it can be hard for marketers to catch customers’ attention – not to mention their wallets – when so many brands and channels are vying to be heard.

Nothing cuts through the noise better than a simple text message.

Image showing 20% open rate for email vs 98% SMS open rate

With a 98% open rate, you know your messages are seen. Even better, they get seen fast. People open 90% of messages within 90 seconds. That’s what we call timely, targeted marketing.

2. Cut costs with an affordable SMS plan

As budgets shrink, you need to think carefully about where you spend your marketing dollars.

Bulk SMS marketing is not only cost-effective, but it delivers huge bang for your buck. With most messages costing just a few cents and plans starting from less than $40 a month, you can get up and running without much overlay – and then watch the results pour in.

3. Deliver unbelievable ROI

Given its high cut-through, swift conversion rates and low cost, SMS can deliver out-of-this-world ROI. Whether you’re measuring responses, click-throughs or sales, text messaging is virtually guaranteed to get results.


From a single $250 SMS campaign, one real estate agent sold 20 property listings with a commission of $137K in one month. That’s 500x ROI.

4. Get up and running with bulk SMS, fast

Like the idea of getting your message out to the masses as quickly and easily as possible? Bulk SMS ticks all the boxes here.

With a text messaging platform like MessageMedia, you can set up an account in less than a minute. There are no complex tools or platforms to learn. Just one intuitive interface for connecting with all your customers.

And by integrating with your preferred marketing platform, you can keep everything in one place and get things done faster.

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5. Bulk out a powerful range of use cases

From discounts to product launches, back-in-stock notifications to event invitations, there are so many opportunities to connect with your customers using bulk SMS.

Graphic showing SMS marketing use cases

Think about all of the moments in a customer’s journey when you currently communicate with them. Then, compare this with the cost and convenience of sending bulk text messages. If it makes sense to send SMS instead, do it.

Want to give it a try?

See how our text messaging platform works with a free trial.

6. Make every message personal

Mass marketing is so last decade. Today, customers prefer personalised campaigns that speak to them directly. The good news? Personalisation is easy with bulk SMS marketing.

An image showing how to use personalisation inside the MessageMedia portal

You can customise bulk messages with content ranging from a customer’s first name to their birthday, or from product names to discount codes. Whatever makes sense for the bulk message you’re sending.

7. SMS is an awesome team player

Marketing is a team effort. All your channels should work together, helping each other get the best results. SMS more than proves its place on the team, helping drive traffic to other channels and supporting your overall marketing goals.

For example, if you see that customers aren’t opening emails, follow up with a quick text so they know it’s in their inbox. On the flip side, you could use social media to get customers to opt-in to receive SMS messages about flash sales.


Learn how online retailer Vinomofo boosted conversions by 21% by adding SMS to their email workflows.

8. Help customers feel heard

Did you know you can easily enable two-way conversations, even with bulk, automated texts? It’s a great way to boost engagement and help your customers feel seen and heard.

For example, a quick ‘Reply Y or N’ for appointment reminders can be super helpful to your team. Or, you could create polls or seek feedback from customers about the quality of your service.


To capture customer feedback, Wilson Group restaurants send an automated SMS survey once diners leave. By making it as easy as pie for patrons to provide feedback, they now get 6x more reviews and a better star rating on Google.

9. Set and forget with automation

As well as helping you broadcast messages to more customers, bulk SMS helps free up your team’s time, too. Use SMS automation to trigger the sending of timely messages – such as support call follow-ups, new sales or lead gen opportunities, meeting reminders and so much more. This way, there’s no risk that your sales or support team accidentally forget to hit ‘send’.

Ready to get started with bulk SMS marketing?

Now that you’re sold on the benefits of bulk SMS marketing, it’s time to make it work for you and your business. Sign up for a free trial today.