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Best Bulk SMS Service Provider
Get Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, OTP SMS & Bulk SMS API with DLT registration from Best bulk sms service provider.

With the help of robust messaging platforms, APIs, and various other messaging software, https://speedsms.in/services aids enterprises in connecting with their customers efficiently. Our worldwide messaging platform is designed using top-notch scalable architecture to enhance communication, and operational procedures for enterprises.

With our services, enterprises can avail faster, secured, and analytics backed communications. We aim at developing customer relationships and increasing enterprise productivity using our state-of-the-art services.

Hallmark rich messaging
We have numerous rich messaging features such as multiple sender ID, NDNC checks/ interconnect, template management, and much more.

Our numerous protocols enable SMPP, HTTP/HTTPs, SFTP, and proprietary APIs paired with high and expandable transactions every second.

Reporting and analytics
With the help of intelligent routing, load balancing, capacity allocation, and submission control, https://speedsms.in/services deliver real-time reports to enterprises along with insights.

Secure messaging
We have a wide range of secure message delivery options that include a steady connection to the service.

SLA management
We have committed to managing the SLA. We ensure that all management processes meet the desired targets.

Short URL
We can shorten the length of any URL. Any text that is preceded by an HTTPs can be cut short.

OTP Long code services Short code sms services Promotional Transactional
Intending to provide better security for banking, corporate networks, and other systems that handle sensitive data, Our OTP service provides time-sensitive, mission-based notifications to verify transactions. This service improves the functionality of SMS over HTTPs, APIs. The banks using this service can trigger an SMS to the concerned recipient based on the situation. Our services ensures an OTP delivery rate of 99% of critical messages within 30 seconds.

Guaranteed acknowledgement and receipt for all transactions, utility passwords, one-time passwords, and emergency alerts.

Delivering notifications to concerned individuals or groups. Our OTP services also support the termination of national as well as international messages.

Sending OTP as a voice message in case an SMS is unable to terminate. We also enable multiple trials when a message fails with an option to retry through IVR as well.

Efficient DLR handling combined with interactive dashboards and reports.

We provide long code numbers to small and big enterprises across India. Our APIs will help scale your enterprise at the speed of light, and with ease. With our long code services, enterprises can boost customer experience and sales.

Fast setup:
Our long code services integrated with APIs enable quicker setup of long code on cloud platforms ensuring seamless business operations.

START-STOP via Long code:
With our long code, customers can now start or stop services with a simple text message.

Free for customers:
Enterprises bear the cost of standard SMS rates so that customers do not incur any expenses leading to higher response rates and spontaneity.

Multi-layered filtration:
Accurate routing and segregation are made possible with the help of sub-keywords. Enterprises can filter messages smoothly using this feature.

Using a short code number for SMS marketing, enterprises can now enhance leads, facilitate live voting, collect feedback, and much more. We offer small and large enterprises across India a way to automate their marketing campaign using short code SMS.

Unlimited keyword selection:
We offers numerous combinations of keywords to help enterprises enhance their reach.

Services integrated with CRM:
Our services offer multi-platform compatibility by integrating short code with CRMs to trigger URLs or APIs for calling external applications.

Exclusive short code:
Our short codes are unique, catchy, and easy to remember making it easier for enterprises to collect feedback and generate leads.

Realtime reporting:
With the help of cloud platforms, our short code services produce real-time analytics data helping businesses strategize better and aim at achieving higher ROI.

Promotional SMS is a cost-effective and efficient way to promote your business, service or product directly to the recipients mobile phones.

With our promotional SMS marketing, you can reach large groups of people with just one click. Gather your contacts and send SMS’s at your convenience.

Our DND filters will exclude DND numbers from the promotional SMS list, so you don’t have to worry about sending promotional SMS to those numbers. We won’t charge for these DND numbers; you only pay for those that reach your customers.

As we understand that your business can’t wait, we provide instant activation, allowing you to reach your customers immediately after signing up with us and confirming your payment.

There is no extra fee other than the fee charged to you for opting for SMS package. It is not necessary to have a GSM SIM card to begin using our services and we don’t charge any setup fees.

Transactional SMS is a text message that a business or organization sends to its customers or uses for information regarding their personal use of their products or services.

Sending Bulk SMS with Transactional SMS also works on DND numbers, so Bulk SMS is delivered 100% on your mobile number data, instantly.

You don’t have to worry if you need to greet people for upcoming festivals, or if you need to end a dynamicSMS at a future date.

Our Transactional messages portal offers unrestricted 6 character long and alphabetic sender IDs for example. https://speedsms.in/SMS for private companies, schools, banks or government organizations, as well as stock brokers who can send SMS to their contacts.

Our software will provide you instant detailed delivery reports to locate the delivery status of a precise number using our retry option.

With low latency and high deliverability, our SMS API is the most reliable way to reach users around the globe.

Request a free demo today. Quality service. No hidden cost!

We are an expert business communication solutions company, in addition to the fact that we offer the best of cutting edge technology, however, we further strengthen your business with the best products and services available today.
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