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Free Online Phone
Free Online Phone

P2P – file sharing
P2P – file sharing

Free text online
Free text online

Call phone, free calling
Call phone, free calling

What is
Free Online
Phone Project
The idea behind is to deliver telecommunication services like SMS and international calls for free to users across the globe. At, we firmly believe that there is ‘Love in Sharing’, therefore we are currently seeking to increase our coverage to more than 90% of major International GSM networks that we currently cover. WEB is a completely FREE to use internet service that allows you to make free phone calls, send free textmessages, make free video calls and a free P2P file sharing service to all your friends and family around the world. This service works without For FREE! And you don’t have to install any special software or go through long registration process – is completely SAFE and EASY to use.

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We all love to communicate with our loved ones. The increased distances between families due to personal and…

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Love text messages
Love SMS is such an immense excitement that it blooms in the heart of individuals. In addition to…

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Call for free
Make a free internet calls thanks to You have a brand new opportunity to call phone and send text to…

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An App for successful video chat communication
Recently Google has presented a new application for successful video chat communication. We can slowly start forgetting about…

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Video Chat
We brought you free calls and text messages, but we aren’t stopping there. also allows you to free online video chat , so you can communicate and see your loved ones live on video. Our video online chat service is free to use and can be used over any internet browser across the globe. Experience the ultimate online video calling experience when you use free online video chat service.

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P2P file sharing
Take advantage of our FREE P2P File Transfer and Sharing Service to send unlimited files to your family and friends across the globe. You can use this free service by directly transferring files through the web browser between two online users. P2P File Sharing uses the latest technologies to quickly and safely deliver files with the smallest possible use of intermediary devices.

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Send text
With, you can send free text messages to anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world. You can send free text messages from your computer straight to any mobile network across the globe. Use our mobile app – SMS Messenger to send free online text messages to friends and families. Try free online text message service on your web browser today.

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Call phone
Do you want to call mobile without spending a fortune? Do you want to call your loved ones across the globe for free? allows you to make free mobile and phone calls to anybody in the world. Our state of the art web app allows you to make PC to Phone calls. Our free internet calls offer superior voice and call quality, making one of the best free internet calling services available.

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Check our mobile app SMS Messenger allows you to send text messages (SMS) to your friends and family anywhere in the world for FREE . Also, the receiver does not need to have the App installed on their phone. You can also send and receive direct chat messages on SMS Messenger is a part of Free Online Phone Project.

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*You can also use other functions visiting our website on your mobile device

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Asha Mahesh
Thank You! I love idea of this site. This is first time I see valuable Internet service which is absolutely free and there is NO registration and NO personal data sharing. This is how communication should look like 🙂
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I was part of the early beta and I have to admit it work great now. I like p2p file sharing – which I believe is the best way for direct, fast and secure file sharing between users or devices at home. blog
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Free texting
You will come across enormous online facilities while browsing web services. One of such application is free SMS…

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Review of OnePlus 8 – Is it an outstanding phone?
OnePlus is one of the most popular smartphone makers and enjoy high sales throughout the year, especially in…

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post image Peer2Peer File Sharing
Millions of Internet users transfer gigabytes of data on a daily basis through peer to peer file sharing…

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Peer2peer video calls – guide for beginners
Video calls are a common way of communicating with people who are far away, whether for work, education,…

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SMS free?
All those years SMSes are still very popular way of communication. Many GSM operators offer SMS “free of…

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RCS – New Texting Technology
When it comes to texting, most people follow the same thought process: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix…

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Love text message for girlfriend
Short Messaging Service (SMS) for Love SMS texting has become a very popular tool for communicating. With this…

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Free SMS to mobile
Today international phone calls are nothing unusual. Both business and individual users need to be in touch with…

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