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Join over 100,000 happy developers who have discovered how easy it is to integrate our SMS API with their website, app, software or CRM application. Simply send a mobile number and message to our gateway and the SMS text will be delivered in seconds.

We support all languages (including PHP, .NET, C#, Java, Python, Ruby) – you simply open a webpage on a URL to get started.

Get example code now offers a multichannel API solution from our parent company, IMImobile.
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Free API to send through our SMS gateway
Our Platinum Partner Operator status guarantees the highest quality text service at up to 8,000 messages a second. What’s more, our SMS API can personalise messages, receive delivery receipts, schedule messages and pull results from mobile forms and surveys into your app. Our SMS gateway can also handle tickets, enabling you to send individual vouchers or tickets. Try sending a message using our API today.

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Receive text messages online
Our receive SMS online API allows you to receive text messages from an inbox with our inbound SMS API. Using your API key, you can get the latest messages from one or more inboxes. Messages can either be returned as either JSON or XML for easy inclusion in your own app, CRM or system. Test our inbound SMS API and register for a API key today.

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Fully supported SMS gateway
Cut and paste our SMS API code and your API key to start sending and receiving text messages in minutes. Our API gateway is fully supported with detailed documentation and full developer SMS code examples. See how you can integrate into our SMS API gateway and read all of our supporting documents here.

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Manage your account using our clever API features
Using our SMS API, you can do much more than just send and receive text messages. You can manage contacts, create or delete contact groups, create respond forward SMS rules, form a short URL, retrieve SMS or MMS balances, and retrieve message reports.’s SMS API is the most versatile and flexible API gateways on the planet. Sign up for a API key and try our gateway in minutes.

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Easily integrate with our API
Refer to the code below to see how easily you can integrate our SMS API with your own software, CRM application or website in a language you already use.

Read our full API documentation
Send SMS
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<% apikey = "yourapikey" address = "" message = "This is your message" message = Server.urlencode(message) numbers = "447123456789" sender = "Jims Autos" url = address & "apikey=" & apikey & "&numbers=" & numbers & "&message=" & message & "&sender=" & sender set xmlhttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP") "POST", url, false xmlhttp.send "" msg = xmlhttp.responseText response.write(msg) set xmlhttp = nothing %>
Caution: Some users opt to place their request inside a code loop, while testing we highly recommend setting the test parameter to true, as occasionally an infinite loop can occur and users can consume all their credits very quickly.

Show Parameters
Note: While both numbers and group_id are optional parameters, one or the other must be included in the request for the message to be sent.
You can also send Link Tracked Surveys out via the API. View Sending Surveys via the API for more information.

Why do businesses integrate with’s API?
In a world where SMS has become an extension of a software provider’s solution, the choice of provider for an API integration becomes less about the SMS and more about what is supporting your business. This is where differentiates itself in operational terms. Rather than list what we see as benefits, let’s review what reasons our clients shared as they moved their SMS business to

Capacity planning
One gambling client outlined that if there was large send to go out because of a national event they wanted to promote then they needed to highlight this to their previous supplier to ensure the messages could go out, meaning a lot of preparation before the event itself. With a technology stack that sends hundreds of SMS per second, that cumbersome activity has gone away.

Highly available architecture
One of our clients moved as their previous provider offered a 99.5% up time guarantee. This equates to 1.83 days a year of unplanned downtime, not much of a guarantee when you have a key message to send out and your reputation is on the line. With an operational history of over 99.999% up time (which is five minutes a year of downtime) you know the platform is going to be there for you.

Innovation & relationships
How many businesses boast about innovation, though behind the scenes, they partner with mediocre SMS suppliers? As well as direct connections with UK network providers, we also have relationships with leading providers of other digital messaging channels – think RCS (Rich Communication Services) and social messaging platforms.

What differentiates you from your competition?
When you compete with other software providers, you may share an ideal of forward thinking and solution innovation. However, what you need to back this up with is an aligned supplier that delivers this same vision. With you are assured that as we have access to new technologies through our Tier 1 network providers.

Read our SMS API documents
Our send SMS API is the world’s most scalable and reliable API for sending and receiving bulk, personalised text messages. It’s also the most supported too. With detailed documentation and a world-class mobile development team based in the UK. Read our SMS integrations documents to see how you can start using our API.

Read API docs
An exploration of the API with nTech
nTech provides innovative reality-based solutions and services which are optimised for rapid deployment. nTech offer bespoke solutions that enable their customers to achieve real results and return on investment.

As a user of the API integration, nTech gave us an overview of how powerful the integration has been for their business as well as the ease of implementation.

Read the nTech case study
Other ways to integrate with our API
We support a wide range of SMS integrations from SMS SMPP, our multichannel API as well as our one-time password SMS solutions. For further information on how our API can integrate with your business application or software contact our dedicated sales and support team today.

In need of support? If you have any questions about SMS or Messenger, visit our FAQ section.
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