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SignIn/SignUp in Chennai in Chennai is one of the promotional techniques which can help any business to grow. SMSMessenger is one of such Companies to provide in Chennai. We at SMSMessenger provides at affordable price for small business owners also. So, small companies can run services in Chennai. However, selecting audience is important task in sending SMSMessenger will analyse any kind of business and suggest them to select right audience to get expected results. For an example, Schools can avail our SMS Services to promote their institute. Generating leads is a complex task in an organisation. This complexity can be overcome by using services. in Bangalore
Bangalore is one of the IT hubs in India. It creates many entrepreneurs to start their business in IT and other industry as well. SMSMessenger helps entrepreneur to generate leads through in Bangalore. We can send in all over the India. Since we have some good knowledge in selecting an audience, we can suggest any tech companies to generate leads for their product or service. We are offering best price for services in Bangalore. This makes us one of the best service providers in Bangalore. Unlike other SMS Service providers, we are delivering 100% SMS to the users. This can be tested by including their numbers into any campaigns. Quality delivers makes difference in all industry. SMSMessenger offers this quality service in Bangalore. in Bangalore
Promotional SMS
Promotional SMS
Promotional SMS is a plain Short Message which can be used to promote any companies product. It is nothing but, a SMS which advertises your company or company’s product or service. As it is advertising industry TRAI has mandated some restrictions to send promotional SMS. These messages will be delivered within 9 AM to 9 PM. Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers will not get deliver. Which means, DND activated numbers will not get delivered. SMSMessenger has effective algorithm to filter DND activated numbers to avoid using SMS credits. If you send SMS to bunch of numbers, our application will filter all DND numbers automatically. This helps users to avoid penalties from TRAI. Promotional SMS can be sent through six alphabets called Sender Id. This can be your company name or product name.

Transactional SMS
Transactional SMS
Transactional SMS is also a plain text message which can be delivered to DND and non DND numbers. If you are ordering a product in ecommerce website, ecommerce website will send you the order confirmation and keep you updated with Transactional SMS. This SMS cannot be used for promotional purpose since it can be used for transaction purpose. Transactional route will deliver SMS to DND and Non DND numbers with Transactional content. Unlike promotional SMS, it can deliver SMS 24/7 in 365 days. SMSMessenger enables free API to integrate with any software or third party application. We have separate team to assist our customers to deliver Transactional SMS 365 days.

SMS Reseller
SMSMessenger helps small entrepreneurs to start their business in advertising industry. Yes, we are offering reselling options to resell our SMS Services to their clients. To become a SMS reseller under SMSMessenger, we don’t collect any security deposit required. With zero investment anyone can become a SMS Reseller in India. Since we are partnering with major telecom providers, we can give best price for SMS resellers and SMS reseller can earn some good profit out of it. Once a entrepreneur became a SMS Reseller under SMSMessenger, we are the responsibility to deliver your clients messages and no need to worry about the support for your clients. Our team will be available from Mon-Sun between 10 AM to 7 PM.

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SMS Reseller
Missed Call Service
Missed Call Service
SMSMessenger service provides missed call service in Chennai, India. Missed call service can be used to collect leads which is generated from any advertising sources such as SMSMessenger will provide 10 digit mobile numbers along with our panel. If user makes a call to that number, call will be disconnected and auto reply SMS will be delivered to the user. Now, user mobile number will be recorded in our panel. Missed call service can be used for ecommerce companies to collect the leads for their company. We offer best pricing model for missed call service in Chennai and providing free mobile number. Missed call service can be used to filter the customers by their interests. Majorly, missed call service is used by telemarketing companies. This makes us best missed call service provider in Chennai.

SMS API Provider
SMS API is a technology which allows sending SMS from any third party applications. SMSMessenger facilitates sending SMS through Rest SMS API with free of cost. SMS API’s are working with latest technologies to deliver a message by its best possible routes available. Finding best possible routes to deliver a message is complex when we compare to delivering SMS. There are two types of SMS API in India. These are transactional SMS API and promotional SMS API. Transactional SMS API is available 24/7 and on the other hand promotional SMS API is available between 9 AM to 9 PM as per TRAI rule. Our SMS API is 100% up time and zero downtime. This makes us one of the best SMS API providers in Chennai, India.

Voice Call
OBD or voice SMS is new technology which will allows user to make bulk voice calls in Chennai. Bulk voice SMS can make outbound calls to bulk numbers with pre recorded audio. Voice SMS is a best method to reach your audience through your voice. SMSMessenger allows users to play a 28 seconds audio file through network. Voice SMS in Chennai can be used for promotional purpose and transactional purposes. Despite, it can be used for transactional purpose, voice SMS is allowed between 9 AM to 9 PM. If audio file contains less than or equal to 28 seconds, one credit will be used otherwise 2 credit will be used for single number. SMSMessenger provides accurate delivery for voice SMS in Chennai.

Voice SMS
Bulk Email Marketing
Bulk Email
SMSMessenger has presence in Bulk Email Marketing as well to promote a product in Chennai. Bulk Email marketing in Chennai helps individuals and business peoples to update about their company or product information. SMSMessenger will deliver bulk email directly to inbox instead of delivering it into spam box. We provide bulk email based on how many subscribers customers has. To deliver bulk emails into Inbox, we need to analyse the spam score of the email content. Our Bulk email application has this feature to calculate the Spam score. In addition to that we allows user to design email template with our user friendly bulk email application. We provide simple unsubscribe option to unsubscribe the users from bulk email. These features are helping us to improve as one of the best bulk email service provider in Chennai, India.

Short Code and Long Code
Short Code and Long Code
Short code is a service which can be used to interact with any persons through their phone. For an example, anyone can get survey and polls through short code and long code services in Chennai. Short code means, a 5 digit number enables to create surveys and polls. On the other hand long code means ten digit number enables users to create surveys. Both short code and long code services in Chennai will works irrespective of all telecom operators. Short code and long code services in Chennai was played important role in media voting and surveys. Now it is being used to opt in any service or opt out from any group. SMSMessenger can provide fancy short code and long code services in Chennai.

SMS Gateway Provider in Chennai
SMS Gateway Provider
SMS Gateway is an option to send SMS from application to a person (A2P).SMS gateway acts as a platform between Application and person’s mobile numbers. It can be sent through six character sender id over the internet. SMSMessenger is one of the SMS gateway provider in Chennai, we have best SMS gateway to send SMS from application to person. SMSMessenger is allows user to send SMS through two different ways. One is SMS getaway and another one is SMPP Gateway connectivity in Chennai. Both SMS gateways will work to deliver an SMS through possible best network. Our efficient algorithm will find out the best possible network based on the current delivery status, speed of the network and performance of SMS gateway in Chennai. In addition to that we enable the API for free of cost those who have subscribed as SMS gateway provider in Chennai. to DND Numbers to DND Numbers to DND numbers is new way to deliver your SMS to DND activated numbers. DND stands for Do Not Disturb. People those who don’t want to receive promotional SMS will enable DND from network operator. Once it is enabled, network will block promotional SMS to mobile numbers. SMSMessenger has sophisticated option to deliver to DND activated numbers. We use Transactional route to deliver the to DND activated numbers. Though it is DND route, certain restrictions are there to deliver promotional SMS to DND numbers. User should not send spam messages, stock market SMS and SPA SMS. Since we have these features SMSMessenger became best SMS Service provider in Chennai, India.

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