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CALL US Product Solutions Resources Pricing Log In Moving from Zipwhip? Find out how we’ll help you make a smooth transition. Explore our solutions. A texting service designed to help small businesses win Everyone reads their texts. We help you send them. Reach large groups with SMS marketing or connect one-on-one with two-way messaging. No…







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Moving from Zipwhip? Find out how we’ll help you make a smooth transition. Explore our solutions.
A texting service designed to help
small businesses win
Everyone reads their texts. We help you send them.
Reach large groups with SMS marketing or
connect one-on-one with two-way messaging.

No credit card required

A pottery artist mass texts, “Classes are now open! Get tickets while you can: Link” An individual texts a pottery artist, “Is prior experience required?” The artist replies, “Nope! All are welcome.” A multimedia text message with a picture of a hand-thrown mug reads, “Hi Kate! Your mug has been fired and is ready for pickup!”
10+ years in business. 17,000+ paying customers. Billions of texts delivered.
Target’s logo shows they are a https://speedsms.in/ customer
UPS’s logo shows they are a https://speedsms.in/ customer
Chick Fil A’s logo shows they are a https://speedsms.in/ customer
Allstate’s logo shows they are a https://speedsms.in/ customer
Legoland’s logo shows they are a https://speedsms.in/ customer
YMCA’s logo shows they are a https://speedsms.in/ customer
Century 21’s logo shows they are a https://speedsms.in/ customer
Starbucks’s logo shows they are a https://speedsms.in/ customer
A cafe is filled with cycling gear like shirts, bottles, and bikes with embedded text that reads, “See what https://speedsms.in/ can do. watch video.”
See what https://speedsms.in/ can do
Everything you need to start texting
Start with a new number or text-enable your landline to see everything you can do with texting. SMS marketing is just the beginning.

This collage shows someone uploading a customer spreadsheet into a text messaging service. A hiker sees a text that reads, “Today only we’re offering 10% off all shoes for our text club members only! Shop here: Link”.
Import your audience or build one with opt-in tools
Already have contacts and permission to text them? Great. If not, our SMS service has you covered with all the tools you need to collect phone numbers. From website popups to text-to-join keywords, it’s easy to build your SMS list.

This collage shows an outdoor yoga class. An overlaying text blast message reads, “Hey new members! Don’t miss out on Outdoor Zen Yoga this Thursday at 1:00 PM. Register here: Link”.
Drive sales, replies, clicks, and more with SMS marketing blasts
If you have a message that you don’t want to be ignored, an SMS marketing campaign is the way to go. Whether you need to reach 50 customers or 50,000, you can send targeted text blasts with the click of a button. You can even receive text replies, if you’d like. They’ll go right to your inbox.

A text chain reads, Customer: “My A/C isn’t working. Can you send someone to help?” Business: “Happy to help! We can have a technician out there today. What’s your address?” Customer: “1070 Elmhurst Road. Thank you.”
Connect with customers using two-way texting
No more voicemails, unread emails, or business texts on your personal phone. Use our texting service to have back-and-forth conversations with SMS. With features like templates, auto-replies, and scheduled messages, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

A three-step flowchart demonstrates first that a contact didn’t click on a review request link, second that a follow-up text will automatically send, and lastly an automated text that reads, “Your feedback matters! Don’t forget to take a moment to leave us a review: Link”.
Set up automatic texts that send at the perfect moment
https://speedsms.in/ can help you send automated welcome messages, out-of-office texts, or even complex behavior-based texts. With built-in automation features and API access on all plans, our text marketing platform makes SMS marketing automation available to all.

Texting can transform your business
SMS is a simple channel with a big impact. See how others use it.

Joe Sego sits at his desk and explains how he sped up class registrations by 50% with https://speedsms.in/’s SMS service.
Joe sped up registration by 50%
Parents were waiting until the last minute to register their students for sports. That changed when Joe started sending texts.

April increased event attendance
When turn out was low at their job fairs, Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas added text reminders.

April Dossey sits at her desk and explains how she increased job fair attendance with https://speedsms.in/’s text messaging service.

Blue Baker increased coupon redemptions by 162% with SMS

Lattice Hudson sits at her desk and explains how she tripled average order value with https://speedsms.in/’s texting services.
Lattice tripled average cart value
https://speedsms.in/ made it easy for Lattice to turn her social media following into a valuable, owned SMS list.

SMS marketing is so powerful, it’s protected. We help you unlock it.
Spam is the worst. We don’t tolerate it and neither do wireless carriers. Our service is built to help trustworthy businesses use text marketing in a compliant way.

Gain approval from carriers
Before you start, we help you register as an approved sender with carriers to boost your deliverability rate and sending speed.

This three-step diagram shows providing information to register your business phone number to text, gaining approval with company registration, and green checkmarks from carriers like Verizon.
Keep customer trust with built-in
compliance tools
To text customers legally, permission is crucial. Our platform makes acquiring it easy and unsubscribing hassle free.

This illustration shows a contact texting stop to opt out of future text messages with a confirmation message that reads, “Network message: You will no longer receive messages from this number.”
Get expert guidance from
humans who care
We work closely with industry partners to understand the latest guidelines and ensure you’re set up for success.

A man smiles while looking at his mobile phone. A G2 award badge for Best Relationship is overlaid.
Done-for-you automations with 1,000+ integrations
Whether you need a simple contact sync or complex automation, our engineers will build it for you. No need to fiddle with flow charts or write code.

A collage suggests you can integrate tools like Zapier, Mailchimp, and Slack with https://speedsms.in/’s text messaging service.

Support so good you’ll want to tell people about it
Super easy and straightforward to use, unlike other platforms out there. The cost is also great, well below what I would expect to pay from this platform. Recommend to everyone.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Eric DeRonda
Sales Manager at Go Amazing Energy
I love how fast https://speedsms.in/’s customer service team is! I increased my plan from 30 texts to 25,000 texts at 11:00 at night! Their platform really is amazingly simple to use!

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Taunee English
Broker at Lions Realty Group
I have had a phenomenal experience since switching over to https://speedsms.in/. My students receive quality communication, and I’m able to communicate directly back to them individually.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Manager, Office of Student Life at Lone Star College
Shalandria Jones
I usually get support within 30 seconds and my issue is resolved in under a minute! https://speedsms.in/ lets me reach our customers by text since they don’t see my emails.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Angela Przybyszewski
Owner at King’s Cross Bookstore
https://speedsms.in/ is easy, efficient, and has great customer service. It has made work and reaching out to our clients a lot easier and thus made my job more enjoyable.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Becky Highsmith
Owner at Highsmith CPAs
The customer service has been great! The service itself is easy to manage and keeps things super simple. I love how easy it is to instantly message groups of people.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Briana Johnson
Owner at Idaho Nanny Agency
If I had to describe https://speedsms.in/ in three words, I would say it’s very affordable and effective. And as the name implies, it’s very simple to use.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Toby Prussman
Agent at United Country Property Solutions LLC
https://speedsms.in/ just saves us time. We can easily segment off groups who need to be reached out to and we can send multiple messages very quickly.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Joshua Faller
Program Manager at Just Roots
Our communications are just so much more efficient. A lot of the responses come back within the first few minutes of sending out the text!

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
David Hulme
Pastor at Simpson Creek Baptist Church
https://speedsms.in/ is inexpensive for what you’re getting. We would not be able to do what we’re doing in student recruitment without it.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Heath Waldrop
Marketing Director at South Arkansas College
Excellent customer service as I was setting up the account! Always answered questions quickly. The application was easy to use and I loved there were no contracts!

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Mary Roche
President at New England Weaving Seminar
This is the best messaging service that I have found. I love that we could use our landline number for texting. Plus, their customer service is personalized and excellent!

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Miriam Higley
Media Coordinator at Child Evangelism Fellowship
Providers we used in the past left us waiting for help for days. https://speedsms.in/ has great chat support that allows us to keep our campaigns running smoothly.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Brooke Kunze
VP of Operations at LeadVision
We use https://speedsms.in/ to be able to reach people ASAP and have two-way conversations with them. Their customer service is knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to get a hold of!

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Christina Weber
Founder at We Deepen Inc.
https://speedsms.in/ has accelerated my business growth 10X! I am a fan of the user interface, the live chat support, the ability to organize my contacts into separate lists.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Drew Shane
Owner at Shane Enterprises LLC
It was very easy to set up autoresponders and send campaigns. I was impressed by how fast and friendly their customer service team was, too!

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Greg Becker
Franchise Owner at Burgerim
https://speedsms.in/ makes scaling a text program easy for any business. Their support is fabulous! I love that you can scale up or scale down based on your needs.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Sydney Hess
Office Manager DD Ford Construction
I love https://speedsms.in/. It definitely brings in business every time I use it. Pricing is reasonable and the customer service is top notch.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Steven Clark
Owner at JS Mobile Auto Detail LLC
Lots of outreach for support from human beings and bots. https://speedsms.in/ was a refreshing and navigable choice for me, given that I have NO prior experience with these platforms.

Testimonial for https://speedsms.in/
Maria Dautruche
Coordinator at New York Youth Justice Initiative
70% of businesses are increasing their SMS marketing budgets.
Here’s why:
91% of businesses see higher conversion rates when they add SMS to campaigns
80% of consumers check their texts within 5 minutes
35% is the average SMS marketing click-through rate
60% of consumers want the ability to text businesses back
*2024 SMS Marketing Report
SMS Marketing Report Magazine
Curious how it works?
Send a text to yourself today.
Our free trial lets you text your own number so you can see exactly how it works before you text your customers. Give it a go.

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