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We are leaders of bulk sms and short code solutions. We offer bulk sms services, email marketing, website designing, business email ids, domain and website hosting and e-commerce websites.

Bulk SMS
Target your audience within seconds. Schedule the texts easily and send them out in various regional langauges.

Bulk Email
Bulk Email is one of the various methods of internet marketing. It is a kind of advertising that depends on sending email.

Voice Calls/OBD
All-in-one easy to use and free voice calls/obd. Automatic dialing, redials and previews of voice calls.

Lead Generation
Large databank of perfectly categorized cell phone numbers and email ids used to generate targeted leads.

Long Code/ Short Code
Target your audeince faster with short code and long code messages. Use them for votng, sms polling and much more.

IVR Services
The evolution of better customer experience with unique and informative IVR systems.

Virtual Number
Virtual No is one of the hottest trends in the industry, for good reason. It can increase efficiency, minimize the downtime.

Missed Call Alert Service
Missed call alert is the perfect solution that keeps you informed about calls you missed while your phone was switched.

Email to SMS Service
Compose a text using any email address within the limitations of SMS. Send the same text to several people.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS refers to sending large number of SMS messages to mobile phones of a predetermined group of recipients. At present, the application to person SMS messaging services includes bulk SMS messaging alongside sending single messages, interactive messaging, and incoming number services.
A significant advantage of bulk SMS messaging is that businesses can make use of several solutions to send or receive messages via a cell phone application, software program, a web interface, or an SMS API with their website or system.

How Does Businesses Use Bulk SMS?
With the highly competitive market, business entrepreneurs are constantly striving to look for new ways that could help them reach out to a number of potential customers at the earliest. With modern forms of communication and interaction, businesses can promote their brand to a wider audience within minutes.
Bulk SMS is a new age technology that has attracted youngsters and businesses, which use it as effective means of marketing. For instance, with the bulk SMS facility, businesses promote discounts, special events, new stocks and freebies to customers within minutes.
The concept of bulk SMS has gained popularity for its simple, reliable and speedy functionalities. Very often, a business can’t contact a person with a simple telephone call; nevertheless, with the help of a text message, a business can convey their message in a short and precise manner.
It has been noticed that in comparison to the other modes of messaging, short message services is effective and useful with a high rate of flexibility and benefits. Interacting with customers makes for an important part of modern age marketing. Customers like a brand that maintains a personal communication level with them, making it important and valued.
Bulk SMS definitely plays a major role with easy to access options. A business keeps their customers updated about various events and get feedback; reviews and reports from their clients which will in turn help them develop and improve their business.

Why should businesses use bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS tool is a useful and effective marketing channel that need not be separated in part of a mobile marketing tactic that aims at achieving success in the mobile world. Cell phones are used a lot more than any other device and it makes the mobile marketing a key point in every marketing plan. Mobile marketing is essential in every business that needs to have a competitive edge over their competitors and balance an advantage within the industry.
Whether you have just started a new business or have been running a business for a while, you can’t deny the fact that marketing should be an important part of a business structure. When it comes to talking about mobile marketing, SMS marketing is the main goal as SMS has proved to be one of the best marketing and sales tools. A tiny piece of information, sent from your cell phone will only take a couple of minutes to reach a wide range of people. No other marketing tool can offer the best efficiency rate, which is why SMS marketing should be used. Reasons for Using SMS Bulk

Reasons for Using SMS Bulk
Boost sales
Bulk SMS is the best way to increase your business sales, as it is very effective way to promote new products and offers. With this in mind, bulk SMS is likely to opened contrary to an email, which will probably end up in the spam folder.

Instant Feedback
Bulk SMS are used by smart brands to request their customers to rate a service or give a feedback after an interaction. It can be used as a rating service by asking customers to rate their experience as soon as they leave a store. Bulk SMS can be sent within minutes and can be read quickly.

Presently, we are constantly bombarded with a lot of information, which leads to forgetting dates, events and promotions. The client needs a reminder about schedules or arrangements. Bulk SMS can be used to inform customers about the time and location of an appointment or meeting.
The perception of a company can be improved with sending customers a reminder of a booked event like a fitness class, a consultation or an upcoming sale, especially since they are likely to have forgotten about the arrangement. It can save a business time and money.

Ultimate convenience
E-commerce companies are the perfect examples of attracting customers to their brands. They use well- timed bulk SMS alerts to keep customers updated about their orders and delivery status.

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