TRAI TCCCPR 2018 – DLT Registration Process

TRAI TCCCPR 2018 – DLT Registration Process

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has mandated all entities that want to send SMS to register their organization, headers & templates along with the required consent information on the DLT platforms, to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC).

TRAI has now directed all providers like SPEEDSMS.IN to restrict traffic for Principal Entities and Telemarketers who have not registered themselves on DLT platforms.

 DLT Platforms:

  1. BSNL DLT : Registration)
  2. Videocon DLT : Registration. Please leave the payment details blank)
  3. Vodafone Idea Ltd DLT :


Please note –

According to customer feedback so far, Videocon seems to have the easier registration process. Please share your reference number and registered email address with us

  • if you have registered on Videocon. Please view the registration process for Videocon DLT here and the sample Authority Letter here.
  • Please reach out to us at with your Unique ID if your KYC documents have been approved in any of the DLT platforms to complete the entire registration process. Your SMS will be blocked at the operator end if the entire registration process is not completed, even if your Unique ID has been generated. 

Principal Entity registration process for Vilpower DLT and BSNL DLT (first step) –

  • Visit the DLT platform and select to sign up as an ‘Enterprise’.
  • Provide valid business PAN, details of authorised person (mobile no. and email ID), business proofs and upload the documents.
  • Submit a letter of authorization (LoA) mentioning the TM ID of telemarketer and details of an authorized person.
  • Search for “IMI Mobile Pvt Ltd.” and add IMImobile’s TM ID: 110200001293on the ‘Select your Telemarketer’ form to allow IMImobile to send communications on your behalf and then pay the registration fee.
  • Post submitting, entity registrar will validate and verify details provided by Principal Entity within 72 working hours.
  • On successful registration, the entity registrar will approve, register and activate the Entity ID on DLT.
  • The registrar function will inform successful renewal or any discrepancy, i.e. missing document or incorrect details with the applicant on the registered e-mail and mobile number in the defined TAT 72 hours.
  • Post Entity ID activation, each Principal Entity can login to the platform and carry out its functions as per business requirement.
  • In case the Principal Entity fails to submit requested documents or address queries raised by Registrar within 15 working days, the account will be deleted. In such a scenario, the Principal Entity will have to create a new account and start from the beginning.
  • Every legal entity needs to be registered separately on the platform as a different Principal Entity based on its line of business.
  • Please reach out to us at after your documents have been approved to complete the registration process. DLT support details:

    Further process for Principal Entity registration after Unique ID is generated:

    • Go to Select Your Telemarketer tab in the DLT platform > Search and add “VISVELFORTE PVT LTD.” in the Select Telemarketer box > Search and add IMI mobile’s TM ID:  in the Enter your Telemarketer ID textbox > Click on Verify > Click on Submit
    • Get the Agreement copy from our sales team > Fill the agreement > Print on a 100/- bond paper or your company’s letterhead > Get it signed by the Authorized Signatory of your organization > Send a soft copy or courier the signed agreement to the below address.
      Plot 770, Road No. 44, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, TS – 500033
    • In addition to the service agreement, an authorized signatory document is needed. You can choose to share any one from the list below and share the same via soft copy or courier the hard copy.
      • GST Document which includes the name of Authorizing Signatory
      • Ministry of Corporate Affairs Document
      • Board Resolution mentioning the name of Authorizing Signatory signing LOA on letterhead
      • MOU/MOA

    Header (Sender ID) registration –

    • While your documents are under review, you can start adding your headers (Sender ID) under the Headers tab in the DLT dashboard
    • There are 2 types of Headers to choose from – Promotional & Others
      • Promotional (for campaigns promotional in nature like offers, discounts, etc.) –
        Add the preferred 6-digit numeric sender ID in the Find your Header Textbox > Mention the reason for choosing the Header in the description box below > Submit
      • Others (for campaigns transactional in nature like updates, notifications etc.) –
        Add your preferred Header Name in the text box > Mention the reason for choosing the Header in the description box below > Submit

    Please note – the Header selected by you should match the entity name. If the header name is different, please justify the same and add your mobile number in the description box. The mobile number will help the DLT support team to contact you in case of any queries.

    Content Template Registration –

    • Entities are required to register all their templates on the DLT system.
    • Once a template is created, the entity retains the template ownership across all platforms.
    • Every template gets a unique Template ID that is shared across other DLT platforms seamlessly.

    For more information on TRAI regulations, please click here –

  • TRAI TCCCPR 2018 – DLT Registration Process/TRAI TCCCPR 2018 – DLT Registration Process/TRAI TCCCPR 2018 – DLT Registration Process/TRAI TCCCPR 2018 – DLT Registration Process/TRAI TCCCPR 2018 – DLT Registration Process