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voice sms delhi  speedsms.in  is one of best Voice SMS provider

Firstly speedsms.in is one of the best Voice SMS Provider Company in Delhi India. It not only serves Voice SMS service in Delhi India but also Voice SMS service in Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Maharashtra, Punjab, Chennai, UP, MP and all other places in India.

secondly IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technology that allows users (usually callers) to obtain information from a phone system without the assistance of an operator. IVRs can accept input from callers, usually in the form of pressed phone keys, and can accept voice input and in some cases translate that into actions. You can design an IVR by a simple drag and drop application on our website called “IVR Studio”. Using this application you can create IVR’s with Text to Speech (TTS), DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) inputs.

Features of ASJ Media Voice SMS Service are as follows

  • Therfore You can make 10 Lac Calls in 10 Hours.
  • The user will only pay for successful calls made.
  • VMS can be sent from the web panel.
  • The user can schedule VMS.
  • Live to report.
  • The user can decide, how many times our system should redial in case there is no response from destination number.
  • The time difference can be set between redial attempts.
  • Activity time can be set (i.e. Morning 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM)

Bulk Voice SMS Campaign could be used for following purposes:

  • Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders
  • Give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium
  • Appointment reminder
  • Health Care
  • Media Business
  • IT support staff for alert escalation process
  • STOCKBROKERS and Bankers
  • What is Voice SMS or Voice call?

    Thirdly BULK Voice call or Voice SMS is a pre-recorded and an automated way to send message in your own voice and in any language. The message is played once the receiver picks the call. In India, maximum population is unable to read any of the English SMS, we provide extensive reach in voice sms either for Private or Govt., political parties etc. in above all BULK VOICE CALL or VOICE SMS  from speedsms.in  convey their message to targeted audience in their own language. Usually customers (Sender) use their own numbers for sending BULK VOICE SMS/CALL

  • Therfore if   anyone want to send through Virtual number then we also have the facility. We have many options for virtual number and will suggest you the better way. Voice call or Voice SMS services is used for Reminders, OTP, alerts, lead generation and many others. therfore

    Core Web Networks is one of the known and famous BULK Voice SMS/Call service provider company in Delhi / NCR, India. We are providing this services from last 9 years and has good clientele in the market.

  • Voice SMS / Voice Call used for sending

    • Alerts and reminders
    • Business promotion
    • Latest offers and deals
    • Social campaigns
    • Customer surveys
    • OTP verification
    • Lead generation

    Feature of Voice SMS/Call (DND open route):

    • Online web panel available
    • Sending through Virtual number or your own number
    • Up to 99.9% Delivery ratio
    • No approval required
    • Contact list/Group option
    • Excel/CSV file upload (Quickly)
    • Can remove Duplicate, invalid & DND numbers
    • Voice call duration: 15 Sec and 30 Sec
    • Schedule Voice call facility
    • Dynamic/Customize SMS option
    • Support multi languages
    • Instant delivery
    • 100% genuine delivery reports (Available on panel)
    • VOICE SMS/CALL sending time: 9AM to 9PM (As per Govt. rule)
    • All India GSM & CDMA coverage
    • Delivery on NON-DND and DND numbers
    • 365 days working of SMS panel (including national holidays)
    • Free unlimited technical support (09:00 AM to 09:00 PM)

    Requirement from client side for sending VOICE SMS or VOICE CALL:

    • Payment in advance 100%
    • One mobile number and one Email id are required for creating VOICE SMS panel in our portal.

    You can create your own panel in our SMS online portal through this link: sms1.corewebnetworks.co.in Join now and enjoy the services.