wholesale sms scripts ?

wholesale sms scripts ?

wholesale sms scripts ? As a realtor, if you haven’t thought about using text messaging to communicate with your prospects, let me bring your attention to an interesting statistic.
The National Association of Realtors report found that 62% of all home buyers prefer their agent to send property info via text message.

But surprisingly, only 5% of realtors currently communicate by text.
Apart from giving you an edge over your competitors, text messaging also:
• Has a high open-rate (98%) which ensures that your messages are read.
• Is instant. 90% of texts are read within 90 seconds of them being delivered.
• Has a high response rate (at least 45%).
• Is easily scalable. Calling each prospect to discuss every little detail requires a lot of effort and time, and still, it may not result in a successful sale. With texts, these discussions become much quicker with almost negligible effort.
There’s no doubt that texting will make your communications quicker and more efficient.
But texts are slightly different from other communication channels because they have a character limit and require you to convey your point in brief.
Therefore, crafting the right messaging for this channel will need careful attention. In this post, we’ll go over some real estate text scripts that you can use as inspiration to craft your texts.
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How do you write a good text message?

Realtors without a lot of experience with real estate text messaging have this burning question, “How do you write a good text message that prompts a response?”

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be Hemingway to craft a good text message script. With a little direction, anyone can write a great SMS to engage their audience. The real estate text scripts that we’ll go over below will provide you with that direction.

There are key aspects of drafting a text message for a real estate business that you cannot overlook. A good text message is one that:
1. Is concise and to the point– Your leads are probably busy, so it’s best to get straight to the point. Moreover, you also have a character limit (160) beyond which your SMS breaks into multiple texts and doesn’t deliver a good experience.
2. Avoids excessive use of abbreviations-– I get it! The SMS character limit may force you to use abbreviations to get more info across. But don’t overdo it. Stick to common text message abbreviations to ensure that your message is still comprehensible.
3. Is personalized-–I can’t stress on this enough but people will straight up ignore a generic SMS. 72% of consumers say that they only engage with personalized texts. So make sure to craft a text script that at least addresses the reader by their name.
4. Doesn’t disclose any sensitive information-– Avoiding disclosing any sensitive information about the reader (or yourself) over a text message. People are really concerned about their personal data and breach of privacy or trust. You have to respect that. If you don’t, the leads won’t consider you to be a respectable agent/business, and no one wants to do business with someone shady.
With these elements in place, you will be able to craft great real estate text message scripts with ease.
Real estate text scripts and the texting method to use for different scenarios
When it comes to crafting real estate text scripts, apart from the message, the way of delivery also matters a lot.
For example, if you’re asking a question and expect the lead to reply, you can’t send out a text broadcast that can’t accept open-ended responses, right? You will need to use a two-way texting delivery system.
Hence, apart from scripts for different scenarios, we’ll also look at the delivery method that works best for it. If you don’t understand how the delivery methods work, don’t worry. I’ve linked out to a few resources at the end that will explain everything in detail.

1. Welcome text

Texting method: SMS opt-in, text autoresponders, and automated text messages.

When you get a new lead on board, it’s good practice to send them a welcome text. This is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and provide them with your contact information for future conversations.
Providing them with these details beforehand will ensure they don’t ignore future texts or mark you as spam.
The welcome text script will differ slightly based on how the lead signed up and what do you need from them:

• If the lead signed up through an SMS opt-in (probably from one of your poster ads), you may not have enough information on them. In this case, you can craft your welcome script with relevant questions requesting some basic details.
Hi there! This is [agent name] from [organization name]. Thank you for signing up for our text updates. Are you looking to sell or buy a home?
It doesn’t have to stop at this. You can set up text autoresponders to ask for more information over a series of texts like in the example below.

With autoresponders, there is no manual intervention needed. The conversation flow will be triggered automatically as the lead responds, and the data collected will be imported to your CRM.

• If your lead signed using a web form, chances are you already got most of what you need from the form itself. In that case, you can stick to a simple welcome message and a mention of the kind of texts they’ll receive.
You can integrate your mass texting tool with your CRM to send out an automated text message as soon as someone fills the form.
Here’s a real estate text script for leads interested in buying a house in a particular area. (You probably would have gotten this data from the form they filled on your website to sign up).
Hi {First Name}, this is {Agent Name} from {Organization Name}. You are now subscribed to receive info about new listings in {Area lead is interested in}.

For leads interested in selling, here’s a sample script.

Hi {First Name}. This is {Agent Name} from {Organization Name}. You are now subscribed to receive details of interested buyers and updates for property {property address}.

2. Open house invite text

Texting method: SMS broadcast.
Open house invites are one of the most common use cases of real estate text messaging. Generally, these invites are sent to a group of people interested in buying a house in a specific area. This is why an SMS broadcast is suitable for it, as it allows you to reach out to everyone instantly.
There are two types of open house invites that you can send:

• Invitation for a single open house: You can send this out a couple of days prior to when it is scheduled.
Hi {First Name}, we’d like to invite you for an open house scheduled for {date and time} at {house address}. It’s a huge 4 bedroom house we bet you’ll like.

• Invitation for multiple open houses: If you have a number of open houses lined up, you can send all their details at the beginning of the week.
Hey {First Name}. We’ve got some open houses this week:{House address #1} @ {Date and time}{House address #2} @ {Date and time}{House address #3} @ {Date and time}

The drawback with sending multiple schedules in one text is that you may have to use a lot of abbreviations to fit them in the character limit.
Moreover, you won’t be able to provide additional details about the house to compel them to visit, as in the single house invite above.

You could tackle this by taking a slightly different approach, though. Instead of mentioning the address, you could give a description and ask people to reply with the option they wish to know the address for. Here’s how that conversation would flow.

3. Follow up texts

Texting method: SMS broadcast and P2P texting.
House hunting or selling are big decisions, and people often need time to think about them. However, it’s common that they may be looking into other options from other agents too and may forget about your offerings.
But, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Sending lapsed leads follow-ups are a great way to reconnect with them and refresh their memory about what you have to offer.

Here are a few instances when you need to send follow-ups and the corresponding follow-up real estate text scripts that real estate agents can use.

• Reactivating cold leads: Send a nudge to people who might have gone cold after signing up or may not have responded after receiving your suggestions. Ask them if there’s anything specific they need. Since the texts may spark two-way conversations, P2P texting would be ideal for these nudges.
Hi {First Name}, it’s been a while since we spoke. Are you still interested in buying/selling? Please let us know if there’s anything specific you need to proceed.

• Follow-up after an open house: Follow-up with people who came to the open house. Let them know that you are here to help them with any queries they may have to fast-track their decision. Again, P2P texting would be a suitable text delivery option for this since the follow-up may spark a two-way conversation.
Hi {First Name}. Thanks for joining us at the open house @ {House Address}. Please reach out if you have any queries about the property.

• Text reminders for open house invites: You’ll probably send out your invites a few days in advance, so people have time to clear their schedule. But there’s a good chance they may forget about it. Sending a reminder can help you avoid this and increase participation.
Hi {First Name}, just a reminder that the open house at {House Address} is scheduled for today @ {Time}. We hope to see you there!
Typically, since there won’t be a reply to this reminder, you can schedule an SMS broadcast to send these out.

4. General updates

Texting method: SMS broadcast and text autoresponders.

Apart from open house invites and reminders, you would also want to keep your leads in the loop about other changes or updates like:

• A new house listing in their area of interest.
• Change in the pricing of a property they were interested in.
• Another party making an offer on a property they are interested in.
• Rules and regulations updates, etc.
While these real estate text scripts should be pretty straightforward, here are some samples you can take inspiration from.
• Real estate text script for pricing update:
Hi {First Name}. The home you loved at {Address} just dropped from {initial prize} to {new price}. Reply with YES to place an offer or INFO for more details.
Since the responses would probably be set keywords (like Yes in the above example), you can set up an auto-response to take the next steps.

• Real estate text script for regulations update.
Hi {First Name}. This is a reminder that the regulations around buyer and seller liability are changing in the new year. Visit this link for more info {link}.
An SMS broadcast would work well for updates since they don’t consist of open-ended questions and would not lead to a two-way conversation.

5. Text message to sellers

Texting method: P2P texting.

So far, we covered scripts for conversations mostly between you and leads looking to buy a house.
However, as a realtor, a lot of your conversations will be with leads interested in selling too. Since these conversations are vastly different, let’s go over some real estate text scripts to guide your interactions with them.

• Requesting a schedule for an open house
Hi {First Name}, a few potential buyers wanted to schedule a viewing for your property. Does {Time} on {Date} work for you?
• Pricing negotiations
{First Name}, the buyers who stopped by yesterday wish to make an offer for {Price}. It’s the best we’ve gotten so far. Do you want to go ahead with it?
• General updates (like price surges, property viewing schedules, or a request to get on a call.)
Hi {First Name}. Similar properties in your area are listed for {Price range}, lower than your asking price. To see our suggested pricing guide, visit {link}.

Since most of your interactions with sellers would entail custom responses, P2P texting would be a suitable texting method when communicating with them.
Here are some articles that explain how each texting method works in details:

→ SMS opt-in to grow your list
→ SMS broadcast for personalized outreach
→ Text message autoresponders
→ Automated text messaging
→ P2P texting starter guide


While these real estate text scripts will guide your interactions with leads and ensure maximum engagement, you will need a texting software to send them out.

When selecting a tool, keep in mind that it offers:
1. The complete range of delivery methods that we spoke about above.
2. A detailed analytics report on all your texting campaigns to show how your campaigns are working.
3. Features like maintaining a DNC list to ensure texting compliance.
CallHub ticks all of these boxes and more. Sign up to CallHub for free to give it a try.
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