why voice message not working in whatsapp



why voice message not working in whatsapp

hey why voice message not working in whatsapp It’s likely that the volume setting for the output you’re using is turned all the way down. If you find your screen is going black and you’re unable to hear a voice message through the speaker

you’re likely tripping the proximity sensor with your finger or part of your hand. Please try readjusting your hand.

WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working?

They have added a lot of features over the years, such as sending photos, videos, files, and voice messages. Sending voice messages has become a preferred way to send a message to their contacts as it requires less time to make.

therefore It is also best suited for lazy texters who do not want to type each letter for each message they send. This has also helped elders who have difficulty in typing and sending messages to their loved ones.

There will also be situations where the voice messaging features will not work properly. We have searched for various reasons as to why this can happen and how you can fix it.

We will share some tips on how you can fix voice messages on Whatsapp.

Ways to Fix WhatsApp Voice Message Not Working Issue

 Check your network connection status

One of the easiest ways to check why your voice messages on Whatsapp are not working is to check your network connection status. First, make sure that your phone or computer is connected to the internet.

You can check on your phone or computer’s connectivity by checking if you are connected to any Wi-Fi or cellular network. You can also try to go to a website and if the site loads, then you are connected to the internet.

Restart your mobile phone

A lot of issues can be solved by just restarting your phone. You can also try this quick troubleshooting by simply doing a restart for your phone. Once done, you can check again if the voice messages are now working.

Increasing Your Phone’s Volume

This could also be another issue that you might have missed and maybe your phone is set to the lowest volume setting. Put your phone at a higher volume level and check if the voice messages will work.

 Check if Your Mic is Working

If you are trying to send a voice message and could not hear anything back, maybe it is your phone’s mic that has a problem. You can check if your mic works by opening the voice recording application on your phone and recording something. If you play it back and no sound comes out of it, you might need to change your microphone as it might be broken.

Remove Your Phone’s Screen Protector

The good thing about modern phones is that they have a proximity sensor and when we put screen protectors on our phones, Whatsapp picks that up and plays the voice message through the earpiece instead of the speaker. Remove your screen protector and see if you can hear your audio this time.

Update To The Latest Version of Whatsapp

Another possible reason why your voice messages are not working could be that your Whatsapp application is not updated to its latest version.

If the app is not updated it could have bugs that could have already been fixed. You can check whether your app is updated by checking whether there is a need to update in the app store.

Keep Your Device Up-to-date

Aside from the application itself, you also have to check whether your mobile device is updated to its latest version. There could also be some old bugs that could hinder some features in the Whatsapp application. Check your system’s software to see if there are any needed updates that you have to install.

Reinstall the Whatsapp Application

Another quick fix to your issue would be to completely uninstall the Whatsapp application. Some issues could be solved by just uninstalling and installing the application. Do bear in mind that if you decide to uninstall, you will need to log in again and backup your files from your account.

Check the storage space of the device

We constantly use our phones in our daily lives and we do not notice that we download so many things and the next thing you know, your storage might not have enough space to fully function. If there is not enough space, an error will appear that you cannot load the audio. So try to free up some space in your phone and retry playing the audio message.

Disable Third-Party Recording Apps

Some apps also use your phone’s microphone which hinders Whatsapp to be able to record some audio. So you have to make sure that it is disabled so you can record a voice message.

Once you have ensured that no other apps are using the microphone, you can try to record a message this time and check if it works.

Check WhatsApp Permissions and Grant Necessary Permissions

If you have tried all the tips we shared and nothing still works, you can try checking this time if Whatsapp has had permission to use the mic on your phone.

We will share the steps for both Android and iPhone on how you can turn on the permissions for Whatsapp.